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Upgrade Your Website in Order to Increase Sales

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Do you have a website but it doesn’t help you to promote and sell your goods well enough? It is possible that it needs some modifications. Upgrade can help not only to give a fresh look but become more effective. To achieve this goal you should analyze all pages and blocks. All of them must be useful, attractive and suitable for your customers.

How to modernize a home page?

First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to a home page. It is a “face” of your website and it must look pretty. Let’s begin with a header and an upper block. They should show your business segment. Every person who visits your website purposely or by chance should understand immediately what you can offer him or her.

Another necessary element here is contact information. The truth is that every person has own preferences for communication. Someone likes to talk and get information by phone because it doesn’t take much time and gives an opportunity to ask questions and receive answers immediately. Other person can be shy and feels uncomfortable while talking with unknown people. So, this person may prefer to use e-mail. For different people it is necessary to show both phone number and e-mail on a conspicuous place.

So, when a header is ready and looks good it’s high time to think about useful blocks. Not any website has a block with main goods or services on a home page. Sometimes this lack can lead to missing a potential client. Actually, it is a very useful block because a visitor can both look at what a company offers and take action, e.g. call to ask some questions, click on an image of a service (or goods) etc.

► It is very important that every visitor of a website can find what he or she wants. It means that navigation must be as usable as possible. Let’s imagine that someone gives you a map of your city. You expected to see usual symbols which indicate objects like houses, parks, streets etc. However, you see only squares, circles and rectangles in chaotic arrangement. Most likely you will be puzzled. The same impression can be produced if a website has strange signs and navigation. If a person during 10 seconds failed to understand how to find necessary information, you will miss a client.

Another necessary thing on a front page is a block with company’s advantages. Today every organization faces competitors. It means that it is necessary to show why this company is better than that one. A good solution is to place information about positive features on a home page. In such a way, a visitor will be able to consider company’s advantages from the first glance.

Contact form. A website should give potential customers an opportunity to make a request at any time. Contact form can help to reach this goal. It is useful not only for customers but for a company too because an owner will not miss a client even beyond working time and at the weekend.

A home page should contain also another useful blocks like showing company’s successful projects, team pictures, a map, a footer with links and contact information etc. However, everything depends on a business segment. You cannot use all possible modifications at the same time. That is why, before talking about a subject, specialists must analyze not only a website but company’s business too.

Other modifications

Except a home page it is necessary to look at other pages. Everything must tell customers that a company really can help them. Our guys upgrade any website very easily. To tell the truth sometimes we have complex projects which take much time and power but we like them. We believe that every website can sell and be useful for an owner. That is why we practice modifications. It is a good way to become better and make a company more popular.

So, if you have a website and want to upgrade it, you can call or write us. We are always ready to helpsmiley

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