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Starting your business on the Internet: what problems you can face

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The next generation of users will use the Internet even more progressively, because it will get used to it since childhood.
Therefore, business on the Internet is very profitable now. At first, it seems that start it is not difficult but it is not so easy. It is very difficult to create a successful Internet business that will make a good profit. In terms of complexity, it does not differ from opening of an off-line business.

In order not to face problems, I have prepared a list of questions for you. You should ask them before opening your Internet business. Besides, look at 10 competitors in your business area and take ideas from them.

The idea of Internet business

Solving this issue will help to distinguish your business from competitor's one. Think about the concept and name of your business. What will you offer (goods, services) and at what cost? Why should people appeal to you? What is the geographical coverage? Will you offer services in your city or in the country? Try not to think up all answers. Ask your friends and relatives if they are interested in. The most important thing to consider is narrow specialization. Choose the sphere for your business. Analyze the competition.

Your employees

You need to analyze your range, delivery methods and estimated volume of orders. Based on these moments, you need to determine how many employees you need for the job, and what qualifications your employees should have. For example, you can give the accounting and tax records of a third-party company, if you want to open a small online store. This is much more economical than keeping in the staff of your accountant. However, it is commonly when you open an Internet business, you will need employees who can provide services or, if you sell physical products, you need to train attendants. Determine how many employees you need, who will be responsible for providing services, delivery, promotion, monitoring the technical side of the website.

Payment methods

Think about how your customers will be more comfortable pay for their purchases. There can be credit cards, electronic money, such as "Web Money", payment in cash upon receipt of products or something else.

The legal side of business

It does not matter which business you run, it is important that it is legal, and there is nothing complicated in this. If you open an Internet business independently, you can register an private entrepreneur with a simplified taxation system. If you do not have hired workers and you are in Russian Federation, you will need to pay only 6% of income (or 15% of difference between income and expenses) and annual fixed payments. Next, you will need a cash register because some buyers prefer to pay cash on receipt of products.

Hosting and domain 

With such criteria as hosting and domain there should be no questions if you develop a site with involvement of a contractor who will help you purchase a domain and hosting. You can also do it by yourself. Choose a hosting provider and appropriate tariff. Do not be stingy. In advance, take more space for your website. However it can be more diffiult with a domain name (www.yoursite.ru). In practice, it takes about 10 minutes to register a domain, but it's important to choose an easy-to-remember domain and make it suitable for the topic of your website.

Development of a website

Website development is a complex process and it requires a financial stage. If you are a web developer, it should not be so hard. But if you have never faced with development of websites, I can advise only one thing - turn to specialists. Otherwise, you will get an unsuccessful website. Find a web studio that will develop your own logo and corporate identity for you. Then, based on the corporate identity, they will develop a website for you. The price will be different, depending on what kind of business you run.

Price also depends on complexity. Moreover, price depends on design. If you use a template design, you will save a lot, but this will lead to loss of uniqueness of your website, because such a template is already used by others. Uniqueness is the most important thing. The cost of developing a unique website will vary between 160 - 5 000 $ and above. Together with the developer, write the terms of reference and start development.


Website design and content are two important components of successful sales. Promotion will increase traffic to the website. However, content and design of a website will be made from the client's visitor. Therefore, do not put these things in the background. After all, you will agree that if a website is convenient, contains a clear and complete description of the products, as well as good pictures of products, it will only have a positive impact on sales. You can do it by yourself. Organize a photo session of products and prepare good descriptions. However, the best desicion if going to webstudio where professionals can do it for you.


No one will know about your business without promotion. It requires costs but there will be no problems with it. Today professional companies offer website promotion. It is important to go to the top 10 in Google, Yahoo and other search engines. Order also Pay-Per-Click advertising, and Social Media Marketing technologies in order to become very popular among others.

It can be noted that Internet business can bring good money. But it is necessary to work out all the points for reaching success. If you are ready for such work and you have a source of funding, do not lose a minute.

I hope that such recommendations can help you become ready to start your business on the Internet!

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