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SMM - the new king in social networks

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Social Media Marketing (SMM) can be cold as one of the most powerful and effective ways to promote your business. Shortly SMM is the process of attracting traffic or attention to a brand through the social media platforms.

Social media platforms have an audience comparable to the audience of television channels. But users on the Internet are much more active and attentive to new information. SMM is the most effective strategy in communities where is the target group for the products or services. Direct communication with interested people makes it possible to turn them into future clients.

So nowadays it is more reasonable and wisely to use SMM techniques on social media, to combine it with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), than to order advertisement on TV or to post in magazines and newspapers.

Where does it work?

Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? Or maybe all of them? For the best realization of the SMM strategy you need to know your audience. Is it mostly old or young people? How do they perceive information? Also is important to understand how to promote your products better – through images, texts or videos.

Facebook audience is more mature and solvent. Instagram is well suited for visual representation services and its audience is much younger than in any other social network. Twitter is more suitable for informing about important events.

How does it work?

SMM has wide diversity of techniques through the all existing social media platforms:

•         Creation of blogs and communities filled with special advertising materials.

•         Creation of discussions on thematic forums with hidden marketing mechanisms.

•         Conducting thematic discussions in communities and commenting on the responses.

•         Viral marketing.

•         Conducting discussions directly on behalf of the company.

•         Explicit advertising on the bloggers’ pages.

Also SMM methods can be divided into three groups: white, gray and black.

White methods

Targeted advertising is mechanism that allows selecting from the entire existing audience only the target audience and show ads to it. Is the most operative and forceful type, but be ready to spend much money.

Advertising posts. This method is often used on Instagram with placing advertising posts in comments on the pages of media people.

Contests.  It allows increasing the target audience for a short period of time.

SEO.  It should be used in social networks where you can specify keywords in the description of communities. Some specialists say that it is always better to use SMM and SEO techniques together for the best results.

Gray methods

Traffic cheats. The effectiveness of this SMM method will be low, because it will not get you a target audience.

Massive following is a method actively used in Instagram. By subscribing to the user the community expects a return subscription.

Spam is a prohibited method in any social network and is punished by ban.

Black methods

Black methods of SMM-promotion are connected with the hacking of accounts or with the vulnerabilities of the social networks. Black methods usually violate not only the rules of social networks, but also constitute a criminal offense.

We highly recommend you to use only white methods as they are the most effective ones and safe for everybody. SMM is the part of ethical promotion and only from our actions depends how it will develop in future.

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