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Selling Articles: Secrets of Success

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Every product needs advertising. Demand depends on right presentation of the product. Advertising on TV, radio, magazines and other Mass Media do the same things: catching the audience and convincing it to choose your product. You can film a colorful marketing video, make a poster or a slogan. The Internet is a special sphere for it. Not only users take decisions here but also search engines do.  Promotion of goods or services on the Internet mentioning them once isn't enough.  It's important to learn how to show properties of your products. You can't forget about trust of search engines using key words. Writing selling articles is the special art. It's not so easy to learn it by reading some books. The secrets of success are much deeper than you think they are. The first thing is a concept of a product, exploring a target audience, simplicity of presentation. So, how to make your article the engine of sales when competitors and speed of information take all decisions?  

Strategy for sales

For sure, everything starts from a title. The right and effective title can attract a random visitor to your website. It should be a provocation, an intrigue, but also announcing the article description. Compare: “How to promote websites in a right way?” and “Promoting websites: successful stories”. Remember: nobody will read an article without an interesting title.

Now the title is ready and it's time to do preparation work. You can make a plan of your future article if you need. For promoting goods or services it's necessary to learn everything about it in detail, know about competitors and their benefits. Think about fears which your customers may have (short warranty, high prices) and how you can work with it. After that you can start.

Simplicity and availability are the most important criteria. Forget about abstruse words. Before starting to work on your article remember what audience you have. It's difficult to read a special scientific text if you're an unprepared random visitor. Things which are easy for you can be difficult to understand for others. If you're telling about a medicine and want to mention its components, it's better to explain a bit what these components do and why they are useful. So random people would understand your article, and they won't need to google anything. Pay attention to the size and pithiness of your article. Try not to repeat anything and tell only important things. Your potential customer will want to read a short article, so try to write briefly and meaningfully. A lot of information doesn't equal better. Moreover, sometimes much text is boring for readers.

An effective article should not contain only useful properties of a product. The main goal is persuasion of a customer that your goods or services can help him or her to solve a problem and make life better. Selling everything to everyone is an art but you need to make useful properties really profitable. Convincing a visitor to explore all information on your website to find something useful for himself is a half part of your future success. Promoting a furniture shop you can just mention the good quality of all materials and wide range of products, but you can also add a proposal that your clients will transform the interior of their home and make the atmosphere more comfortable.

A right marketing article isn't just a simple advertisement on the Internet but also a hard sales machine that works for a clients flow. You need to learn everything about your product and decide what interests your customers have. Exploring values, likes and habits of your audience you can fight with their fears more effectively.

Every day competitor’s sphere on the Internet is becoming narrower. It's hard to make a new proposal but new advertising campaigns appear very fast. Nowadays a low quality product can sell out more effectively that others. It happens because it has a better presentation on the Internet than competitors’ ones. Your distinctive features should be marked in your article. Why should a visitor order your product? Why is it better than others? It's an integral part of every advertising campaign, everything depends on it.

The best way of learning to write marketing articles is permanent practicing. Theory won't tell you the secrets of right structure, presentation of materials, and how to make an advertising campaign of flowers shop or barbershop in a right way. Only your personal experience and personal mistakes can make you a specialist of writing marketing articles.

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