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Promotion in Social Networks

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Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a type of internet marketing which uses the benefits of social networking sites as a tool of promoting websites.

How to promote social communities and what tools are better to use?

Any type of advertising must be able to teach properly. Especially, advertising in social networks where people come to socialize and share experiences.

For successful SMM-promotion it’s important to have right structure of social networks, interests of your customers and a strong marketing base. People do not like advertising but if it contains something interesting or useful for them they become loyal to it.

We are using three main types of advertising to promote the social networks:

  1. Organic advertising in communities - similar to the placement of advertising in traditional media. The main thing is to choose an appropriate public which has enough followers of your targeting.
  2. Target advertising - allows you to broadcast advertising to particular people. When you set up your company, you can take into account a lot of parameters, incl. the city, sex, age and other important characteristics.
  3. Native Ad is actively used in Twitter and Instagram. Native Ad involves advertising disguised as information or an entertainment post, and key opinion leaders are effective in advertising goods and services which are relevant to their image.

SMM with ZEXLER: key points

1. Brand awareness for medium-sized companies

Large companies don’t promote themselves in social networks for one main reason –when they were established, social networks were not included in our life so much. Now people live on the web almost 24/7. Promotion your business in social networks increases coverage and brings more money.

2. Uniqueness and originality of the content

We have a very important rule of originality. Actually, sometimes you don’t need to place long text but you can choose a unique picture. The main rule – you should pick it up by yourself, not looking at competitor’s groups.

3. Invitations and Targeting

There are three ways to wrap followers: manual invitations, sponsored posts in competitors' groups, targeting.

Manual invitations - the cheapest way to promote the group in social networks. But no longer as effective as before. Many users are forbidden to invite themselves to the group. Invitation can only be sent to friends. Almost everyone clicks on the "spam" button. You will spend a lot of time and nerves with this way.

Sponsored posts in competitors' groups are not bad work if you are promoting a popular extensive subject. For example, a wedding, where there is everything from designers to bride's bouquet, from restaurants to a list of wedding organizers. If you specialize in a niche profile for example, sale of pellets - this method won’t work.

Targeting - the best way to attract followers. The main thing - they will be your potential customers, your target audience. You can receive requests after the first ad clicks with right selection of the content.

Possibility of direct conversation with customers

Do not forget about your group where you can communicate directly with the potential customers. People feel more confident in your group, and it’s so easy to ask questions here, willing to provide feedback. For example, you can make a survey about what they do not like in service. Their responses will be more honest than if you asked them looking into their eyes.

Promotion of groups in social networks is definitely a good way to grow your business. Remember, the more targeted and relevant you can make your social ads; the more likely they are to provide a positive return. Check it out for yourself - make SMM with us and we’ll do it in the best way!

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