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Perfect texts for websites: is there any place for creativity?

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Let's start with the definition. What do we mean by the word "creative"? It means something distinguished by the search and creation of a new one."

Now this word belongs to the creative part of the work of advertisers - the creation of slogans, scripts, ideas and concepts. With respect to texts, creativity is a way of presenting information, characterized by novelty of approach and non-standard solutions.

Creativity is used to attract attention by shocking, facilitating perception, creating a vivid and memorable image of the advertised product or service.

There are 4 reasons to use creativity in texts on commercial websites:

  1. Select your proposal on the background of the same type.
  2. Save the image of the product in the memory of the potential customer.
  3. Call positive associations in relation to the company and its products.
  4. Stimulate the purchase or order.

Do we always need creativity?

At first glance, the creative approach will make any proposal more attractive. But it is not always the case. There are areas where creativity is not appropriate. For example, B2B. Here customers are accustomed to receiving objective information about guarantees, terms of work and delivery without unnecessary "adornment". Attempts to skate can remain misunderstood.

In other cases, the creativity will do good, if you do not forget that the text on the website is aimed at selling.

Consider this example: the text of the medication card from a headache, which describes the sensations of a person suffering from a migraine:

"A person with a headache can hardly call themselves a full member of society, while these red-hot hammers, striking on the anvil of strained nerves, tirelessly thresh and thresh, transforming the simplest familiar actions into exploits worthy of perpetuation in granite!"

The text turned out to be large and overloaded with expressive means. It does not make sense. The client knows the sensation of a headache and is looking for a way to get rid of it. In the description of the drug should indicate the time of its action or effectiveness, to confirm this information by guarantee. For example: "The drug" Antimigraine "will relieve the headache in 5 minutes. If it does not work, we will refund the money. "

How to write creative text

Creativity is a piece thing, there are no universal recipes and cannot be. However, I will show you several ways to awaken the imagination.

Method 1. Construction of an associative series

Let's say we sell gyro pacemakers called SkyFly. Our client is wealthy parents who buy a gift for teenage children. The consumer is a teenager, and the direct buyer is a father with an average and above average income level. It is necessary to consider the interests of both.

Quickly, together with colleagues (or better with potential buyers), lose the chain of associations - one calls the word, the second association for this word, the third association for the second word and so on. As it turned out for us: gyroscope - wheels - car - Ferrari. At 4-5 steps appears a good association, which is not so far from the source. So, around the received word is made a creative idea, for example: SkyFly for a boy, like Ferrari for a man. Based on the idea we write the text.

If you do not have the opportunity to play with live people, use the services of selecting associations on the Internet, for example, Sociation.org or the Network of Verbal Associations. The base of such websites is replenished every day with answers of different age and preferences of the audience, so you will quickly find a source for inspiration.

Method 2: View creative websites / advertising campaigns from other business areas

Plagiarism is bad. But you can check the successful ideas of NOT competitors. This includes your own creativity during periods of creative stupor. View advertising campaigns and commercials of large companies.

In addition, read various magazines. A bright headline or article from Cosmopolitan, Forbs and other publications will prompt an interesting idea that will be applicable to advertising your product.

Ideas can also be found in professional literature for copywriters. Use the information obtained in your texts quite calmly.

Method 3: Use humor

Laughter causes habitual images in unusual circumstances. You can beat well-known memes, statements of the media personality, the latest news, movies and TV shows, enduring expressions.

But you need to be very careful. A sense of humor is an individual thing. To make a good joke, you should carefully investigate the target audience, make sure that you are with it on the same wave and your creative message will be appreciated.

Method 4. Explanation for the beginner

This method works especially well if you have fallen into a creative stupor. It seems that you all know about your product or service and nothing comes to mind. Try to tell or write about them to someone unfamiliar with your work.

To "untwist" a topic without an interlocutor, use the "and what?" Method. You need to talk about the product and constantly ask yourself this question. This approach will open nuances that you might not notice because of a professional approach, help you understand the needs of a potential client and add benefits to it in your text.

Method 5: Using visual images

The text is wonderful, but it needs to be backed up with illustrations, otherwise users will miss the written and forget about your sentence in 5 minutes. Place a bright photo next to the product description, complete the steps with icons and so on.

Pay attention to the interactive and game elements. They can be used to describe the work stages to show the result "before and after" or to model a future project using a checklist.

We hope that these tips will help you add creativity to the texts to promote the product or service. But if you are not sure if it's appropriate in your area of business, or do not know what tricks you should use, it's better to ask for help from professional copywriters.

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