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Make Your PPC Advertising Campaign Work For Sales Increase

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Everybody in cyber business knows that PPC advertising is an engine of online trade. It's the most popular and quick way to increase your sales of some products. So, now we're going to talk about pay-per-click advertising and how to make it as effective as you could.

How does it work?

PPC advertising is short laconic ads about products and services, but how does it work and why sometimes this type of ad can be even more effective than the others that are used for example on television and magazines?

The main secret is key words. People see ads only if they are already interested in some product or service. They type it in a search engine. For example, you would like to buy a new refrigerator for your kitchen. You live in the 21th century, so the first thing you do is googling where you can buy it, what company is more trusted, how expensive could it be, what type of delivery is better etc. There are some of the most common phrases you can type: “buy a refrigerator”, “how to choose a refrigerator”, “refrigerators in New York” and so on. When you see your search results all effective PPC ads are in the TOP. They are telling you about the advantages of companies and calling you to click and visit their websites. PPC specialists have selected key words which you can type when you search the information about goods or services and made an attractive add that is shown you in your search results. At first sight, it seems to be really easy to work, but that's not.

The owner of an advertising campaign pays per every click on ads, so he or she needs only target clicks. Nobody wants to pay for a person who doesn't really want to buy their goods and will just leave the page a few seconds after the click. It can happen when your ads do not comply with your website or your website has problems with usability or an ad doesn't contain truthful information about a product or a service. There are a lot of different problems which can lead to useless and expensive clicks, but the most popular of them is wrongly selected key words.

Advantages of PPC advertising

  • PPC adds work with already existed audience, existed demand of really wide online audience;
  • This type of ads attracts only target audience and shifts untargeted one;
  • Ads hit the bull's-eye in 100% of cases;
  • PPC advertising doesn't intrude upon target audience, it just gives them what they already have wanted;
  • Advertising campaign starts working right after you have made it and can attract new clients on the first day;
  • PPC advertising can work all day long or a half a day or only during working hours;
  • This type of advertising allows to consider geographical location of your customers;
  • You can optimize you finances working with a PPC advertising campaign.

Selecting key words; the shocking secrets

Selection of key words for a PPC advertising campaign is a really hard and creative task. There are a lot of books, articles on the Internet, videos and seminars about it. It's because this process is the most important part of making a PPC advertising campaign. If you are a beginner I have only one advice for you that can really help at first: imagine that you are your customer. Think about what can really interest you and what information will you search. You will wonder what unexpected details you would think about after this experience. You can open new borders of your business.

So when you imagine yourself as your customer you have to select groups of key words. The amount of them depends on a type of your business segment. The most effective technique is dividing your key words into “hot”, “warm” and “cold”. The first group will contain marketing key words. People type it when they are sure that they will buy a product. The second one contains informational key words. They are often about types of goods, details of them, advantages etc. When people type these key words, we can be sure that they will buy the product in 60% of cases. And the last group named “cold key words” can contain abstract words which can lead to sales in some cases. Sometimes, PPC advertising specialists add “cold key words” to a campaign only to test them and after some time they delete not effective ones.

The main idea of dividing key words is finding an approach to all types of audience and leading it to ordering your goods or services. Moreover, such a type of advertising depends on the type of key words and how popular they are. “Hot key words” are often really expensive, because all companies want to use them for their ads. If you will have only hot words in one campaign, your conversion rate would be better that if you gather all key words in one campaign. 

These secrets will help you to optimize your PPC advertising campaign and make it work for sales. Of course, there are a lot of details in cyber marketing and your sales depends on them, but I told you about the most effective ways to increase it using PPC advertising. Remember, there are a lot of ways to help your business develop and your success depends on your diligence.

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