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Impactful Design is the Engine of Sales

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Impactful design is the engine of sales

Practice shows that website efficiency depends on developer's talent. In this competitive environment online business owners are fighting for every client. In this situation the main question arises: what's the success formula? Correct content, convenient structure and navigation, PPC advertising, well-thought-out slogans, certainly, are really important and have a profound influence on prestige of the website. However, in particular design determines the general form of product presentation. Let's talk about creating of impactful (or effective) design and how to make the website increase your sales.

The elements of effective design: brief facts

At first we need to mark: effective design means not only appearance but also a creative solution which can motivate a user to make a target action (to buy something or to use some services). So, success of a marketing campaign depends on design. Why do users add some websites to their bookmarks and ignore others? We work with the resources which are comfortable for us: design doesn't distract, navigation is elaborated. Popup windows and annoying banners are able to push a target user away and make a negative reputation about the company. Impactful design has to be not only unobtrusive and easy but also unique: an interesting model for some websites, unique graphic art for others. Do you want a custom website which works for sales? Use our recommendations.


  • Recommendation № 1. Effective websites have one important feature: they unobtrusively push a client to use company services. It means that a client has to see the advantages distinctly and recognize the benefit. It would be better to place them in a separate motivating block: “Unique technology”, “The best solutions for you”, “Perfect combination of price and quality”. Now effective design starts working: it would be better to use special labeling for a list of your advantages (e.g. cat's paw is a perfect icon for pet-shop). Fill your website with visualization — it is obvious that it's better to see something once that to hear it ten times. Are you promoting a car workshop? Don't forget to post e.g. photos of successful people in cars and add come attractive descriptions. Try to use only two or three photos and brief text descriptions. Users spend little time to read a thesis of an advantage, but the benefit from it is huge: you motivate a user and build trust. It's really important not to cross the line: in this case, less is better than more. A small amount of information is more readable.


  • Recommendation № 2. Forget all stereotypes. People get used to standard models and color schemes like “white background, black front”. Nobody can argue that this option is safe enough but the perception won't be deteriorated because of using another color scheme or animation. For example, your advantages can slowly appear by reading to give users more information.  There is another really important thing — an application form: now it's really popular to locate it in the right bottom corner and sometimes it appears covering the website content. Make less gapes in this form or place in the bottom. Addition of unique photos (not downloaded from other websites) has become really rare phenomenon but sometimes it is necessary. The whole design will look completed and organic when all content has the same style and a color scheme. In such a way general impression will be much more positive.


  • Recommendation № 3. Simplicity, beauty and functionality are three important things in effective design. Easy solutions are the most optimal: the minimum content, plain graphics which don't divert users. A client reads carefully all descriptions and looks at stylish graphic elements. After that, psychologically he or she is ready to buy something. Now this client needs to make a target action: a minimal application form (just a name and a phone number) should always be in sight. As if you tell a client: “you need only to tell us about your wish to buy goods, we'll do the rest things by ourselves”. Effective design doesn't need to divert a client like a good shop assistant. Beautiful websites are developed much longer but they are worth of it. The conversion rate will be increased and your clients will come back to you again and again.

So, impactful design is not only a good combination of color and content. Firstly, it's a correct marketing concept. You need to address this issue responsibly: to analyze target users, the competitors' resources, examine business in detail. The most important thing is to set a goal. In such a way, the result will exceed all expectations.

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