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How to start your business on Instagram?

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If you have already started your online or offline business you will definitely need to advertise and promote it visually. Instagram is a perfect platform where you can upload photos and videos, add descriptions, hashtags, communicate with your clients and get more followers.

Official Instagram statistics says that more than 600 million people use the application monthly. Most of the opinion leaders trust this platform and its content.

To start your business on Instagram is very simple. Do you have anything that you can promote people? Maybe you draw gorgeous paintings or you create unique embroideries on clothes? Anyway, with Instagram you will be able not only to show your talents, but also to get first orders and clients!

Profile description and photo

That is your first step in building business on Instagram. Don’t post your content if you have empty profile without even a photo. Add attractive and sapid description with introducing yourself and business for this specific account. Don’t write it with capital letter – it is annoying for users and really don’t look nice. If you want to put emoji – don’t overdo it. Two of them are enough in your description.

Link your website

If you have your website or other resources make sure that you put the link of it in your description and inside some posts. Very often Instagram business accounts have communication only in this social media. But it does not look trustworthy, and it is better at least to have your group on Facebook. Put the link in the posts so people will not need to go on your profile all the time in order to find your website or group.

Hashtags and geotags

In both for personal Instagram blog and for business account it is very useful to put hashtags, geotags and to tag other people. Why it is like that? Because users will find you easily and they will definitely follow you. First of all create your own hashtags which will mean different services, products, topics and put to each post. But remember, that one hashtag is enough for one post. Put geotags. It may be your own or your shop location. Also it can be useful to put geotag which is not related to your real location, but where your potential customers may be. At last, tag people which are interested in your account. What I mean is not to spam by doing it – tag real people who made an order in your shop and who has good reviews of your product. 

Photo processing

As Instagram is a gallery with photos it is important to remember about quality and attractiveness. Forget about boring filters. No frameworks with darkened edges. You want to engage and not to shock, right? Look at the most popular accounts. Explore how famous people process their photos, and which trends have a power right now. Calm photos with light or vivid palette are the most successful ones. Also it is better to determine from the beginning - if your Instagram account will be filled with professional or non-professional (by smartphone) photos. Hold on one option so people will not be confused with your content.


Encourage your followers to stay with you and to bring their friends! People like contests and sales, so give them what they want and you will receive even more. But don’t be dishonest with your audience – after your cheating there will be small opportunity that somebody will rely on your business again.

You can create contest in which the winner will receive your service or product. Mostly it is doing by likes, followings, reposts or comments function. Only what you need is to choose the winner and give her/him the price. What you will get? More followers, likes and orders!


That is very effective and useful in any social media platform, especially on Instagram. Reply to users questions, put “likes” on their comments, and communicate with them by “direct” function. They have reviews, worries, questions and critics? Provide full information and be in contact with your current and potential customers.

More tips

Photo Grid. Gallery should be proportional and organic. Pay attention to it carefully, not only for separate photos. Your visitors firstly will look at the general form of your account and then to each photo.

Photos with faces. We know that you prefer to post just photos of your products and that’s all. But is not it a limitation of your business account? As it showed recent research, photos with faces get 32% more likes and 38% more comments. So manage somehow this situation and post photos of your customers (with their permission) or just your happy face with your products.

Stories. Business accounts still have not interacted with this new Instagram function, but in vain. Remind about yourself at least once per week with Stories feature. Use sometime live broadcasts. For example, if your company take part in a fair or in a charity sale. It will increase your visibility and reputation. Stay alive among your followers and propose only the best!

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