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How to increase your popularity on Twitter?

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Twitter is a perfect platform where you can easily promote yourself or your business. Work with it needs from you a laconic and informative writing style. Twitter is a very useful instrument for advertising your company, blog or website. Without it you are like a dinosaur on the Internet. 140 characters are too short for you? Get ready to be engaged in new informative era and you will win the top in the Twitter reality!

Twitter Bio

This is essential part of your Twitter activity. Introduce yourself to your followers. Tell them what you do, who are you, what is your business or blog about, what is the topic of your tweets. Put a link of your website inside your profile data. Also it is very important to upload an attractive profile picture and background image. If you have a personal account it is better to have your own photo in profile. For the company’s account it should be business logo by which your customers can easily recognize and then follow you.


After you introduced yourself or your business it is time to think about your perfect tweets. That is the most difficult part, because people just cannot realize how to manage an attractive and engaging content in limited characters. That is why you really need Tweeter – to create laconic and informative texts with ability to promote. If your Twitter blog is just a personal account – be yourself and write what you really think and feel. Your visitors will understand when you are honest and when you try to pretend. If they have the same feelings and thought as you have – they will retweet and like your content! Do you feel how it can increase your popularity?

For the business accounts there are two essential rules: don’t make too much self-promotion and do not use automated messaging. The first rule is related to your content directly. People don’t like all the time to read “what a perfect services you have and how much they cost”. Try to avoid all the time promote your products. Put in your Tweeter links with informative articles related to your business sphere, news of your companies and offers, write interesting messages about new “hot” topics and let your followers discuss it. Useful articles, news, blogs on your website will help you to fill your Twitter account. Also it is important to avoid automated messaging. Guess why? Your followers will think that it is spam messages and they will never return to the account which has disappointed them.


That is the most powerful and effective way to be known on Twitter. Solitude will not get you followers even if you regularly post unbelievable and unique content. We recommend you to communicate with your followers, to reply on their messages and to engage them with questions and interviews. It does not mean that you need to feed trolls – just block them. But to interact with people who are really interested in you is the best way to increase your popularity. Don’t be afraid to get critic about your blog or business website – that is how you can improve it. And answer to good reviews. People will share your replies with their own followers!


They are very easy in usage and quite operative among all Twitter accounts. Use popular hashtags which are related to your sphere and subject. Or just invent your own hashtags so for your followers it will be more convenient to find your previous tweets.

Follow back

We could put this tip in the first place, because it is the most effective one. But we did not. As we consider, firstly you have to provide a quality and attractive content and then to promote it for the Twitter audience. Follow users and follow back. If somebody has followed you – follow this account back. Also follow popular accounts of famous people, politicians, musicians, actors even if they don’t have anything in common with your blog or business website. After it you will see a quick growth of visitors and followers on you Twitter. It is also useful to retweet their messages, to like them (people will see who you like) and to reply on their tweets. After all famous accounts can even reply to your interesting questions – that is where popularity starts!

Tweet frequently and in the right time

This recommendation is working for each social media activity. For Tweeter mostly, because it does not need to post long articles with analytics or research with infographics. Put the link, message less than 140 characters and upload quality images every day. And your account will look alive. I try to avoid accounts which update their messages once per week even with quite good information. It is time to be fast and informative. What you wrote yesterday, is not actual today. Also it is important to understand at what time your followers are more active. Some research says that it is better to post tweets from 8 pm to 10 pm during weekdays and from 8 am during weekends. That is not obligatory, but may help you to coordinate you “tweet time”.

We hope that that these tips will definitely help you to increase your popularity and visibility in the Twitter platform. Be active, engaging, communicative and informative – and, who knows, maybe account of White House will follow you?

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