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5 signs of a good logo for your company

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A logo is one of the most important elements of your company’s branding. Basically it’s the face of the company. And while most people rely heavily on visual imagery, a good logo has all chances to capture their attention and make your company recognizable among others. This one feature will make you identifiable. Or not?

Is it that important?

Unfortunately not every logo is a good logo. A logo can easily make your business stand out among its direct competitors or do quite the opposite: leave your potential customers confused and dissatisfied.

In fact if a product has a logo on it, it somehow seems more trustworthy to the buyers. If a potential buyer can’t identify the brand at first sight, it surely won’t affect sales in a positive way. But if it’s that crucial, what does it take to make a good logo?

  1. Only right messages

The visual imagery you out in your logo should reflect the character of your business activities and fit its philosophy and policies. Make sure that your message is clear and you don’t put any misleading detail. Say, you have an engineering company. Do you want your customers to think of you as organized, punctual, and industrious? Bright colors and shapeless elements won’t work, but neat and clean lines will.

  1. Fitting into the market segment

Would you want to leave your customer to guess on their own if that’s diapers or flower bouquets you’re selling? A bad logo will make everyone who looks at it wonder what market segment your business belongs to. Your branding still needs to cause strong associations with the field you’re working in.

  1. Be memorable

To continue and maybe a little bit contradict the previous point we would like to emphasize the following: as far as you want to use easily recognizable elements in your logo you also want to stand out. Uniqueness may as well be a history of success. We mean, look at the Apple logo. Do they sell apples? No, but the logo still works and makes a person easily identify the brand.

  1. Keep it simple

The desire to exploit trends may be a little too strong while working on a logo. Think of it as you think of fashion. Yes, this controversial piece of clothing may capture and attention and look hot on the runway right now, but what would become of it next season? The world of design as well as the fashion world offers you undying classics that work just fine and are not boring. It may be the right decision to stick to them.

  1. Make it clear

What may look just fine to you and your designer may be perceived very poorly by a third person. The thing is your team knows exactly what they are working on. For instance, the name of your company on the logo can’t seem unreadable to them while they learnt it in the first place. Though another viewer may not be able to distinguish what it says. It’s important to get relevant feedback. Show your work to other people, ask their opinion. This way you get the idea how it will work for your potential customers.

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