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That’s how you launch a Facebook retargeting campaign in 3 steps

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This one Internet marketing tool gained popularity in the US, but not many other countries dared to implement it in their online strategy. Retargeting is a great way to get back the clients that already visited your site and viewed your products, but left without taking an action. But they still are capable of making a purchase since they looked for something you offer in the first place.

Basically your potential client sees an ads banner on other sites after leaving yours as a reminder. Retargeting is greatly applicable on Facebook, and you can launch your own campaign in three easy steps.

  1. Getting started with Facebook Pixel 

Whenever someone starts to talk about advertising campaigns on Facebook, the mysterious Pixel comes up. It may seem that it’s a secret complex tool to which only the chosen ones have access. But in reality things are way easier. Facebook Pixel is a little smart spy that watches your customers, gathers all the necessary information about your target audience and gives it out straight to you. You can install Pixel on your advertising account on Facebook. After creating your own Pixel you get a code that will capture and monitor your target audience.

  1. Reaching your target audience

After installing Pixel you need to create your user audience. Thing is you install Pixel one time and then you only need to adjust it to your needs. The advertising account on Facebook will let you decide which groups of people that are likely to be interested in your business you want to monitor. Among the options are all the users that ever visited your site; users that visit specific pages of your website, and users that haven’t been on your website for some time. It will help you customize your advertisement and handle every group with your target audience specifically.

  1. Launching Facebook retargeting

After you created your target audience on Facebook, you need to create the right ad banners for every category of your potential customers. Keep in mind that every group needs a specific strategy, texts and visual imagery. That’s the power of the targeted advertisement. Sometimes it may shock your client since you speak to them directly and build stable relationships.  

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