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What you need to know about email marketing in 2017

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If you’re looking for a relatively cheap and effective way to approach your target audience, email marketing may be the right choice for you. The key to effective communication with your current and potential customers is the right structure of your emails. It’s not enough just to make up a letter and send it. In 2017 you need to be aware of every little detail that can directly influence the results of your email marketing campaign.

Trend #1. Mobile friendliness is a must

Your potential customers now check their mail from their smart phones. It is only reasonable to think that they are likely to ignore the letters that are not adjusted for a mobile device. Many businesses are aware of this trend, but prefer to ignore it.   Take care of your conversion right now and apply the Mobile First principle: first you create a mobile version of the letter and then based on it you make an extended, desktop one.

Trend #2. Better structure

You may tell that people are getting tired of advertisements. So to make your email marketing campaign successful you should aim for simple structure. Put the most important information in the very beginning of the letter. You don’t need to stuff the letter with all the information you want your customer to know about your business. Show fewer products, add fewer photos. Think of what can be useful for your customer personally. Hint: it’s not typical advertising phrases.

Trend #3. Get personal

Personalization is a must for a successful email marketing campaign. Although many businesses are aware of it, many only go as far as to address their customer by their name. But the truth is you always need to be in contact with your target audience. Get the data from CRM, analyze leads and what people view on your website, send them questionnaires for a discount. You don’t want to end up sending a sports bra to a man; instead you can only launch a successful campaign if you have a very clear idea of your customers’ preferences.

Trend #4. Pay attention to the metrics

Entrepreneurs and marketing experts are now getting fully aware of the importance of metrics. But the overall tendency is that they try to analyze the statistics, but can’t discover the full potential of every particular metric. In 2017 you need to pay closer attention to open rate, bounce rate, click rate and the rate of unfollowing and adding to spam. If you handle the metrics right, you can leave making vague guesses about the successfulness of your campaign behind and get down to business with the new and useful information.

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