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Development of a Turnkey Website for Sale

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Web development of a turnkey website involves creation of a web-resource from the beginning untill the moment when it will be completely ready for launching. The process of custom web development includes the following steps:

  • Goal setting

Determination of an idea that will be promoted, website structure, content, design, a target audience as well as the resources that are needed for correct work.

  • Creation of website and design architecture

Prototypes of main elements are made at this stage. Besides, effective additional components are elaborated. The high level of design is important for company’s prestige; it creates a positive impression on visitors.

  • Front-end web development and programming

When design is ready and approved by a client, it is possible to take the next step – front-end web development. It supposes creation of website structure, a database, templates of all main blocks, development and configuration of interactive functions. A working version and a mechanism of a control system are elaborated. Ready designs are converted into static html-pages.

  • Website test

Checking functional operation of the website. Running full "grinding" of the resource. Searching for errors and correcting them. Everything is aimed at correct work of the website.

  • Filling with content and primary optimization of web pages

To create a website is not enough. It is necessary to fill it with unique content. Moreover, it is desirable to carry out its optimization that improves visibility in search engines. Effective and interesting articles and other quality content are added.

  • Choice of hosting, domain name registration

A domain name should describe company's services. Hosting must be chosen correctly. It is necessary to do correct configuration and use good software. 

  • Promotion of the website

Website promotion includes advertising on search engines, social networks, writing useful and interesting articles. Besides, it is desirable to add different functions that will increase a flow of visitors to the website. 

What advantages does a turnkey website development have?

Dealing with professionals, a client does not need to go deeply into all complicated processes. It is not necessary to know everything about programming, front-end development, design etc. A good digital agency resolves all problems of organizational and technical performance and a client provides with appropriate information about his or her company. A good website is always stylish and effective. In case of good development and optimization, it will be noticed by search engines and a target audience. It is always more profitable to ask to develop a turnkey website in order to make a profit from the resource.

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