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Creation of Advertising Slogans

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Marketing slogans: the theory and practice

Marketing slogans has become a huge part of our modern life. Moreover, after appearance of the Internet they've become the engine of sales. Creating slogans is the art. Not everyone can show advantages of a product in a short phrase. Websites opened all opportunities for advertising: every day thousands of projects are created, each of which offers adventurous propositions. The PPC advertising isn't really expensive but it's very effective if you're doing everything in a correct way. The right marketing slogan can interest any visitor of your website. There is nothing unimportant here: this short slogan is an announcement of your product. Do you want to buy a book with an uninteresting title or watch a movie with an obscure trailer? Your website visitors pay the first attention to slogans reading marketing texts. After that, users decide do they need to continue surfing there or not. Your marketing slogan is like your business card and you need to create it taking the responsibilities. Let's learn how to create a perfect slogan.

  • Brevity is the soul of wit. Try to create an advertisement containing 6-7 words. The advantages are obvious: short slogans are easy to remember, it can clearly tell the most important information about your product or service.
  • Call to action. The main goal of advertising is to motivate users to order something or send an application. Use more verbs at least two ones, it's easier to remember. For example: “Come to us and feel the comfortable atmosphere!” Remember that your slogan should be the answer to a question “why should a client choose you”. If you own a furniture showroom, your slogan may contain the words “comfort”, “elegance”, “style”. Advertising for specific target audience is also very important. So, high-quality goods are convenient and useful, and everybody knows that. However, a special status and prestige for a customer must be a key point of such products.


  • Creativity: advantages and disadvantages. If you're going to attract visitors with a creative slogan, firstly think is it understandable or not? Does it have ambiguity? Accuracy, perspicuity and clarity are the most important things for a marketing slogan. The user should understand what do you promote and what does this product made for. Otherwise it can lead to mistrust and a negative image of your company. Definitely creative solutions can stand out your company among others, but are they useful? You can always practice, but it's better to learn from others' mistakes.  

Remember the famous slogans of different companies: «Impossible is nothing» (Adidas), «Think Different» (Apple Inc.), «If only everything in life was as reliable as a Volkswagen» — all of these are the most successful examples.

If you're not sure in your slogan, create 2-3 fallbacks. Place a few different slogans on different website pages. You don't risk at all. All users are different and you shouldn’t forget about it. Everybody interprets the information in his way of thinking. Don't be afraid of experiments, forget about stereotypes and use creative solutions. Your marketing campaign will be successful.

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