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Competitive analysis before launching PPC without special services

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If you already have a website, be ready to edit its content. Advertising only leads to target traffic, and then the website begins to work. It should sell. 

Start with the basic things: key phrases

You need unique key phrases to create an advertising campaign better than competitors' ones. Competent selection of words is the core of your advertising. When you have selected the keywords on your topic, you will have to lower slightly the CTR to competitors : enter your queries in the search box of Google.

But do not get carried away! Do it for one key query once, observe the culture of the advertiser.

For example, you offer such a service as tinting car windows.

Pay attention to the relevance of the query

Many advertisers completely copy key phrase. It stands out in bold and catches your eye if you use that technique. However, this headline does not often look like a logical one. Do not make such mistakes in your campaigns. It will be much better to write, for example, "Auto tinting. Affordable price.". Besides, duplicating the query in the ad text is a very frequent technique. You do not need to do this. Do not waste precious symbols on repeating information in your ad. Write something that will be interesting to a user, for example, prices, installation time or an additional service as a gift.

It is very good to specify specific information about discounts and exclusive offers in advertising text. Do not use common phrases kile "low prices", "a wide range", "experienced masters", etc. Users need specificity. Look and study announcements of competitors not one by one, but by several requests.

Attract users' attention

Sometimes advertisers use writing of links with the help of caps lock button. Do not do it. It attracts attention but it looks roughly. Moreover, the search engines can turn your ad off at any time, since it is forbidden to write words in capital letters. Use quick links and do it according to the rules of the search engines.

Most of advertisers use quick links in search results . This expands an ad visually and shows what a company can offer. Write every quick link with a capital letter, it looks prettier.

Moreover, advertisers often use a virtual business card. Use it too with all modern possibilities of the search engines to attract users' attention.

So, go through all your keywords and do not forget about "guaranteed shows" in the search engines. Let's talk about them.

Guaranteed shows

Many advertisements in guaranteed shows do not offer what we are looking for, but they can also compete with you. Suddenly, your potential customer changes his/her mind and buys an auto-blind. Therefore, evaluate the pros and cons of these ads.

Organize everything

Create a special check list for your advertising campaign. Include headline building, writing text for an ad, placing quick links and exclusive offers, writing a unique marketing offer. Divide it into the search results sections (there can be, for example, 3 places in special section and guaranteed shows).

Don’t forget that attracting users’ attention is a necessary part of your advertising campaign, but you should also think about your offer and what your customers really need. Suggest them a perfect service with a colorful ad.

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