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What to do with bad reviews about your business on the Internet?

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Reviews are dangerous. They don’t have to be downright negative to damage your self-esteem and influence the profits of your business on the Internet. Sometimes even neutral comments can make a business seem untrustworthy for potential customers.

How to get rid of negative reviews about your business

Previous customers’ feedback plays a big role in developing the reputation of your business online. They are more than able to influence the choice making process of other people – in a negative or a positive way. Looking for a product or service these days is all about social networks and recommendation sites, so be sure that before your potential customer makes a choice he or she is most likely to go through reviews from top sources.

Working on your reputation on the Internet may be exhausting. You can still get negative feedback even if you’re actively working on improving your products or services.

Let’s go through the ways that can make things easier for you:

  1. Be open about answering every review

As much as depressing seeing someone talking bad about your business can be, the simple truth is a couple of negative reviews are not that likely to harm your profits in a long run if you handle them correctly. Yes, your potential customers will see every single review, but they will also see how you reply. Ask an unsatisfied author of a negative comment what they didn’t like and how you can improve their experience in the future. It will show other people that you care and are eager to help.

  1. Use positive reviews that you have already got

You surely have several positive reviews about your business; why not use them to attract new customers? There are many ways you can make a good use of good comments. You can put them on your landing page, add to advertising e-mails, or press releases about your company. Channel optimism, otherwise it’s impossible to fight against bad reviews.

  1. Don’t hesitate to contact the authors of the comments

If you noticed that when you Google your company there’s one annoying negative comment popping out at the top of search results, you could as well dare to contact its author. You can suggest they look at your new products and get a discount. You almost always have a chance to change someone else’s opinion about your business, so don’t miss on this opportunity.

  1. Get reviews yourself

Your clients want to be heard. Let them have a platform to speak out. That’s where a questionnaire may come in handy. You can also ask their opinion during correspondence. This way you gain control over where and how your customers leave their reviews, get access to it and draw conclusions.

The first rule of taking care of your reputation online is to be open. You are likely to get all kinds of opinions on your business; what matters is how you go about it. You want to treat your customers with the same respect that you expect of them in relation to what you do and remember that we all are humans, capable of understanding each other and improving ourselves.



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