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7 methods: How to make money on your blog?

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We all can do it. We all can start developing our blog which will reflect our ideas, thoughts and different issues. But in the blogosphere, especially among professional bloggers, it is very difficult to stay afloat and to earn money through it.

It is not possible if you have a small audience and a few readers. It is not possible if your blog has 2-3 posts and no attractive design. So this article would be very useful for those bloggers who already have engaged audience, who regularly create quality content and who is ready to change their blogging hobby into professional work. If you cannot say that about yourself - look into the future in order to understand which ways will help you to monetize the blog.

1.      Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the most popular and effective way for bloggers to monetize their content. You recommend a product or service to your readers, they click to the website, make a purchase and you receive a commission from the Affiliate Merchant in return. Affiliate marketing can bring a permanent and stable income. The most important is to find related to yours affiliate program. For example, you are a travel blogger. Perfect affiliate solution for you would be – travel agencies, travel products, services, places and destinations. Also your readers should be warned that it is not your personal recommendations and it is part of your affiliate program. But nothing prevents you to choose what you really like and recommend it with a good commission. For more tips about Affiliate Marketing read our useful article “Affiliate Marketing: How does it work?”.

2.      Sponsored Posts

Also an effective method to get money by posting sponsored content with brand collaborations. It will need a creativity and attractiveness from your post, because sponsors pay money for a quality content about them. It will bring you good income regularly if you have permanent collaboration with famous brands. Make sure that you chosen sponsors are related to your blog topics. There is no need to have cooperation with bicycles company if your blog is about Russian meal.

3.      GoogleAdsense

That is about contextual ad service such as Pay Per Click (PPC) and Cost Per Mile (CPM). PPC is usually a banner that you place in your content or sidebar. You are paid for each click of user. CPM is paid on readers views of the ad. The most popular contextual ad service is GoogleAdsense which automatically generate ads in the amount, size and placement.

But some professional bloggers don’t recommend this type of blog income. Adsense can bring you around $.05-$.25 per 1,000 views. It is much less then you can get from affiliate marketing or sponsored posts. Also banner advertising is quite annoying and cluttered for readers. I guess you understand from your experience as a visitor and reader of the different blogs – advertisement does not make it look attractive.

4.      Direct Advertising

Quite the same with GoogleAdsense, but you communicate and work directly with advertiser. Advertisements can be in the form of banners, buttons or links. Banners format does not give your blog attractiveness and pureness. At least you can get more money with a good brand through direct advertising than with GoogleAdsense.

5.      Digital products and services

When you feel ready to promote not only a quality and unique content on which your readers can rely – it is time to produce something new. Digital products are quite popular and in-demand among the Internet audience. You can start selling your eBooks, online courses, workshops, images, videos, etc. Also make sure that you create professional and trustworthy products and it has a reasonable cost.

6.      Physical products

If you already have online store or website your blog can be a content marketing instrument that will bring visitors to your website. If not you can start creating, for example, T-shirts with your own logo or images, cups, badges, paintings or homemade things. There is variety of options. It will need from you much effort and time, but it is one of the most effective ways to make money on your blog.

7.      Donations and Crowdfunding

If you are disappointed about previous methods of monetizing your blog, but you have engaged and supportive audience - donations and crowdfunding will be perfect solution for you. You can include subscription for the special content and materials. After it you will have permanent subscribers and regularly donations.

We have last reminder for you. If you have blog on WordPress.com don’t forget to purchase a Premium or Business plan. You will be able to get an entrepreneurial level and to monetize your blog by any methods. Good luck with your making money blogging!

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