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11 secrets of successful Instagram marketing

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I have made a list of features which can give you an opportunity to promote your business in Instagram more effectively. It will help you to find new customers and increase your earnings.

Use “5/3/1” technique

A very easy but effective technique. Find a user, like his/her photos 5 times, leave comments to 3 pictures, subscribe to publications.

You don’t need to do this routine work by yourself. You can do it using special automatic services. You can attract user’s attention quickly by this way . A lot of people criticize mass following but it’s mostly effective for Instagram marketing beginners.

Use emoji

Publications with emoji can get 33% more reposts, 33% more comments and 57% more likes. Besides, using emoji in your account description increases your search visibility.

Use no more than 250 characters in photo descriptions

Publications with text fields don’t need to be long. Using 2-3 sentences descriptions is optimal for every Instagram account. This type of publications has 60% more involvement than publications with long text.

Ask questions

Publications with questions get 100% more comments but less likes and reposts. Ask univocal questions which have only two answers: “yes” and “no”. Sometimes, use open questions if it is necessary. For examples, people can leave so many comments to a picture with a question “What’s your impression?”, posted right after an event.

Use blue color

Publish photos with blue color. If this color is dominant in the picture, it can get 23% more likes. A very exciting thing but it’s true. You can check what photo in your account has more likes than others.

Change geolocation field

You can place the following items in the geolocation field:

  • Your contacts (address, phone number);
  • Special offers;
  • A link to your website.

Creating your own geolocation point is available only in Facebook app for IPhone, Ipad or Android. You can read the detail instruction in Facebook help center.

Don’t use very popular hashtags

Publications with too popular and common hashtags, like #fashion, #chill etc. leave a top very quickly.

Separate your account description on lines

Use emoji for separating your description. You will see, how much better your account will start to develop. Separation is available in the desktop version (use “Enter”).

Create several accounts

Create several accounts about different topics for maximum subscribers’ coverage. You have your product and you can show different parts of it, for example:

  • Your main account;
  • An account for your community;
  • An account about product features;
  • An account about users and their reviews.

Don’t use hashtags in a description

The hashtags don’t take part in search and they are not useful. There are only 150 characters to tell about yourself. your services and products, there is no place for hashtags. It would be better to write about your unique offers, contact etc.

Follow the transitions

Use UTM marks in all your links in the description. That way you can follow the traffic from your Instagram account. UTM marks are identifiers which are added at the end of a link. Online analytics systems follow transitions with the help of these marks.

So, in this article I told you about all main features in Instagram marketing which are really effective. Now you can be sure, your Instagram account is in safe hands and will develop correctly.

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