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10 secrets of a marketing landing page

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Landing page has become a huge part of online marketing service. It's the first thing that you have to make for promotion of your business online. It's your main business card in the Internet. Everyone knows that, but how to make this card more attractive for your target clients? It's not a simple task because you should know some psychological factors and their influence on a visitor. There are 10 secrets which can make your landing page more interesting for users and force them to stay on your website as long as it needs to make a target action.

1. Just 1 column instead of a few ones. One column always reflects the essence of your offer. Users take the most attention to the center of your page and read this column more carefully. Designer's solutions which have more than one column can detract clients from the most important information.

2. Repeat your “call to action”. Landing pages usually are very long, so your clients need to read your “call to action” again and again. When a user reaches the end of your page he or she is thinking about the next action. It's high time to take him or her and motivate to the target action.

3. Provide proofs from other people. It's another secret that increases your conversion rate. Reviews are always important for every serious client. Talking about yourself and how awesome you are isn't enough. People need to see different opinions about your offer even some of them aren't so positive. This factor has a huge influence on trusting of your customers.

4. Give some gift before trying to sell. Gifts are a really hard and powerful motivating factor for the most users. People would trust you and be loyal to you like you're friends. Most of us are used to give gifts mutually.

5. Combine similar functionality. It's easy to create a few sections which would do the same things. You always have to take care of it because it can divert visitors. It's more difficult to use your website when it has so much similar blocks and forms.

6. Contrasting design instead of blur one. Visual design: color, depth, contrast can push a visitor to a target action. A style of your clickable elements should be similar. For example, yellow for all buttons and blue for all links.

7. Mark a solution that is the most profitable for users. If you have a few options for your clients, focus on one of them and describe visitors why they should choose it. Some of us have problems with choices and may leave a page without any solutions. Help your clients to make a right choice.

8. Cancel an action instead of confirmation. An ability to cancel an action does respect users' intelligence. Too much confirmation makes people think that you don't respect them. They would guess you think they don't know what they want. 

9. Select your audience, don't suggest it to everyone. Use your landing page especially for you target audience. It will help you to have clean target traffic.

10. Show entry fields at once. If you work with landing pages you need to gather all information and forms on a page. This way, we can delete extra time and show users how long it will take.

These easy hacks can really help you to make your landing page few times more marketing and attractive for users. Always remember that you are free in your creativity, but conducted researches can help you with making your sales a lot!

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