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Instagram for business: how do you make it work?

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Instagram is gaining popularity and is now a useful tool to approach your target audience covering a large number of users. But many people are still unsure how to use Instagram for business and if their business needs an account at all. Others wonder what they should publish and what they should not.

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Facebook tests comments with a colored background

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Facebook has started testing a new feature for comments on iOS and Android. It will let users to select a colorful background for the comments, and other people will see it below any post.

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LinkedIn Audience Network has launched

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LinkedIn has declared the launch of a new advertising network Audience Network that allows advertisers to show ads to users of social media on third-party sites and in applications.

LinkedIn had already initiated releases of Audience Network in 2008 and in 2015. The last one is a reworked version of the advertising network with a relying on mobile and native advertising. Now LinkedIn Audience Network gives advertisers more control and more extensive statistics.

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Facebook starts selling in-stream

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Now Facebook allows for advertisers to buy advertising in-stream format in social networks and Facebook Audience Network. The advantage of this innovation is that advertising will be shown in videos that are already watched by users and will be played with turned on sound.

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How to get more likes on Facebook?

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How to get more likes on Facebook?

More likes – more clients. More clients – more likes. That is the main connections in any business in the digital era. Even in offline world if you have more recommendations and sympathies you will get more customers for your business. But how you can make it in online sphere? How to create the best Facebook page and receive many-many likes? Follow these easy 10 tips which we selected especially for you!

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