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What is a personal brand and how do you create yours?

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Gone are the times when only companies worked on branding. Although personal branding came into picture not so long ago soon there’ll possibly be not a single person who is not affected by this. Think about what people see when they type in your name on Google. Each and every of your social media accounts are already the elements of your personal brand. Sounds scary, but that’s what you get when you live in the era when even two years olds can leave digital footprints.

So, the question is not “How do I create a personal brand?”, but “What am I to do with what I have if I want to build a successful image around my name?”

1. Think about who you are

Everyone who wants to develop a personal brand needs to start thinking of them as a brand. Asking yourself “What is a personal brand for me?” may lead you to determining what associations with your name you want to evoke in other people. Think of every field in which you deem yourself to be an expert and how you can present it to your target audience.

2. Manage your reputation online

Everything that gets on the Internet has all the chances to stay there forever. For you it means that you can find yourself in an awkward situation once your activities in social networks start to interfere with your career. Many employers are now asking to give links to your accounts in the CV and thus your page from being a place where you could post memes and silly photos becomes a part of your image as a specialist. Managing reputation online may be time consuming, but the final result is worth it.

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3. Make your own website

If you are to create a personal brand, you really want to make friends with Google and its search engines. There’s no better way to rank high on Google than to create your own website. You may start very simple with a site with two or three pages and links to your social media and then develop it further.

4. Create high quality content

Everything you create for people to see is what makes up a personal brand. If you’re an expert in a specific field, you have so much to share with your target audience. Starting a blog or a personal page where you could post stories is a great way to make a person remember you.

To sum up, as much as you want to promote yourself personally remember that a person should always stay a person. Personal experience is what makes you you, which is unique. And what is a personal brand if not presenting you as outstanding? 


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