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10 Best Tools for working with email-lists

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Email marketing is one of the most effective instruments of the Internet marketing for business. It is personalized act of sending commercial messages by email typically to a group of customers with their consent. Today email marketing is the strongest and most successful approaches in any business sphere.

Email-lists tools are programs for checking and sorting processing email. It can import email lists from CSV and text files, Windows Address Book, and from ADO/ODBC data. Tools organize mass mailings of letters to e-mail addresses. So if you are planning to be always in touch with your customers, to remind them about your website, blog and company’s news, you will definitely need 10 Best Tools for working with email-lists.

Free or almost free email-lists tools

1.      MailChimp

MailChimp is a very good tool for beginners and freelancers in email-marketing. If you have developed small project, you have fewer than 2000 subscribers and you don’t need auto responder – you will get 100% free account. MailChimp is well-designed and simple in usage with convenient navigation. We recommend this tool for the first steps in email-marketing if you have limited business budget.

2.      Sumo

Sumo is a free tool in a WP plugin which helps to get extra traffic, engage customers and build email-lists. With free plan you can use only 1 website and a limited number of visitors, but you have access to all templates and A/B testing. In paid versions Sumo can propose small plan under 5000 subscribers for $29 per month or medium plan up to 50000 subscribers for $59 per month.

3.      SendinBlue

SendinBlue is very suitable for small businesses as it is created upon marketing platform of WordPress. It has free plan up to 9000 e-mails per month with unlimited contacts, mobile-friendly email designer, template library and email/SMS personalization. It also includes detailed analytics, contact management and trigger marketing.

4.      ConstantContact

ConstantContact is a tool which will be mostly appropriate for beginners. It provides personal marketing coach for each customer, so you can ask about your problems with the program. You can get free trial for 60 days! But if you want to have more features and opportunities in ConstantContact tool you will need to pay more than $55 dollars per month.

5.      ManyContacts

ManyContacts is a free email list tool for attracting attention at the top of the website, which helps to increase the conversion by converting visitors to potential customers. ManyContacts collects data about each contact which allows you to receive detailed information when clicking on an email address in the database. It records even the profiles in social networks, the client’s location, its IP address and many other characteristics. 

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Paid email-lists tools

1.      Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is considered as the most effective building tool and superior list building plugin for WordPress. It supports each opt-in form type, consists specific templates, in-content light boxes, header bars, screen filters, advanced targeting and A/B testing. Clients of Thrive Leads say that they have increased their conversions by over 300% and collected over 10000 subscribers. You can pay $19 per month and to install all your websites, include all products with unlimited free updates and support.

2.      GetResponse

GetResponse is quite available for small or medium companies as it has reasonable price even if you are total beginner in email-marketing. It is very simple in usage of interface and auto-responder that allows adjusting email sequences for automation. Also it has more than 500 well-designed templates optimized for mobile version and good A/B testing. Moreover, if you are not sure about GetResponse or you have limited budget – they can propose you 30 days for free! For less than 1000 list size with autoresponders and basic landing pages the price will be $15 per month.

3.      OptinMonster

OptinMonster is considered as one of the greatest pop-up plugin to build email-list with simple design opt-in forms by which you can customize without being annoying or rejected by you customers. It includes A/B testing, conversion analytics, light-boxes, sidebar widgets, mobile-only pop-ups, etc. It can be used not only on WordPress, but on different types of websites The Basic plan of OptinMonster is $9 per month and includes unlimited optin versions, 1 website, A/B split testing and user-friendly reports.

4.      Optimonk

Optimonk is greatly designed for small businesses as well as for big companies. You can create pop-up which would be related to your company targets with fully customized HTML, JavaScript and CSS. Optimonk integrates with diverse websites and it can really improve your conversion rate. The cheapest price starts from $29 per month with unlimited campaigns, 5000 visitors monthly and with 1 domain. Moreover you can start with free trial for 2 weeks or get 20% discount for 1 year.

5.      Sleeknote

Sleeknote is a very useful and well-designed tool for creating custom email captures and testing their performance. It has good visual popup builder with responsive design and mobile optimization. Sleeknote fully converts one-time visitors into email subscribers. But we cannot recommend this program for beginners and small businesses. Their plans start from $69 per month up to 50000 sessions with unlimited visitors, responsive on all devices, analytics and mail software integration.

Email-marketing is not planning to disappear from the Internet as it is key feature for attracting customers to your business websites. That is why 10 Best Tools for working with email-list will be always actual and topical for e-commerce. Check if you have tried some of them. As you see, it does not matter which budget you have - you can start from free or almost free email-list tools and after that get paid and more powerful ones.

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