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SEO writing: how to write perfect SEO articles?

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If you think that creating texts for blogs and websites don’t have any rules – you will lose the great power of the SEO writing. Look at your favorite online articles and guess what make them so attractive for people and why they are in the first places of search? For sure, it is not only the talent and genius of writers. They have the same secrets, and we will open them for you right now.

1. For whom are you writing? Make it for readers, not only for yourself

The first tip of the great SEO writing is not about topic or your content. It is about strong intention of your text. First of all think about your readers’ mind and put yourself in their places. What do they think, feel or need? What are their hopes or dreams, which problems do they have and your text can solve it?

2.  Keywords in your SEO text is 50 % percent of success

The difference between general web-writing and SEO writing hides in usage of keywords. We described correct insertion of keywords in our article How to do SEO?” and we will repeat our advises again. Use keywords wisely in your page title, in meta description, in texts and in tagline. Don’t spoil your content with them, but also don’t forget to involve them. Use keyword 2-3 times in the article. SEO writing should be clear and relevant as for readers and for search engines.

3.  The content must be readable, scannable and simple

Imagine your text like a superb cake – good-looking outside and tasty inside. And if your cake has only beautiful cover and disgusting taste - will somebody eat it? So who will read your text?

Make it readable and scannable. Your readers should not be professionals in building tools if you are writing about an apartment repair. Make it scannable so people will be able to glance through the text and to catch the main sense from it. Numbers, subheadings and separating elements will construct your text for the convenient reading and fully understanding. 

And make the content simple and readable. Strong constructions, long and unfamiliar words – leave it for your professors. Write in a concise and common-sense style. Be more accurate than when you are chatting with your friends, but less academic than when you are writing for university. 

4. Internal, external links and anchor text in backlinks.

Backlinks are links which are related to your website from other sites. Usage of anchor text in backlinks, internal and external links improves search engine rankings. Links with appropriate anchor text should be naturaly involved in your text.

Do you have other related articles on your website? Don’t forget to apply for them and your readers will stay more with your gorgeous content.

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5. Too many letters and words – bring the images inside the text!

Have you ever read the online text totally without images? I guess so. The text for websites, blogs or platforms for your writing purposes is not essay for studies or a report for your work. The online text is always an animate and illustrated article. You can (or rather should) use pictures, diagrams, charts or other devices in order to present your text better. Even one picture or small pattern is enough for the article. It will liven up your descriptions and impressions of anything you write.

6. Grammar, logic, punctuation and other indispensable features

Maybe this pillar should be the first one, but actually in web-writing it is not so much important. Readers can forgive your spellings and mistakes only after an excellent text. Anyway the self correction and careful reading before uploading will make your text more professional and trustworthy. If your article is without crucial mistakes readers will rely on your professionalism and experience.

And don’t forget about the structure and logic! It is always not too late to check your text ten times and then to make some changes. Remember that you are always a learner for yourself and that is why you are a professional for your readers.

7. Persuasion is your main goal

At last you have great text with intriguing beginning, with illustrative patterns, with keywords, internal links and you fully checked your grammar and structure. But don’t you feel like you did not get your intention and readers will just close your page after reading? If so, put some persuasive features inside sentences. For instance: “Why not to try Chinese cuisine in London?” or “Now it is your turn to show friends that you are the best skier!” These constructions with appeal to readers will be useful if you want to persuade them to buy your products, to choose specific place for holidays or just to change their life in better way. Don’t be shy in your text – persuade and create reasons to believe you!

So now you are absolutely ready for the most gorgeous text in your life! Be creative and use all your potential of SEO writing. Keep these tips next to you and be ready for first lines in search and many likes under your article!

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