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Short SEO Tutorial

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This article is the second part of our SEO tutorial. For other crucial tips check our first part in the article “How to do SEO?”. Anyway, if you don’t feel enough energetic for it, you can start your acquaintance with SEO techniques from this step.

To begin with we would like to remind that SEO is a branch of strategies that allow websites to be visible on the Internet and to be placed on the top lines of search engine results.

Do you have a website? So you need SEO to have more users. Do you have online business? So you need SEO to have more clients and orders. Do you have a blog? So you need SEO to have more comments, likes and subscribers.

You see, that if you are ready to be visible and known online and if you understand that to be seen on Internet is more effective than to have advertisement on TV - it is time to start familiarization with our SEO tutorial.

1.      Title tag

Title tag is your first door to the world of SEO strategies. Search engines will found you more easily, and your website will be optimized more effectively with correct title tags of your text, article, etc.

We brought you two crucial advises about title tags. First, use the most important, unique and with the main keywords phrase for your title tag. Second, create title tag as short as possible, but long enough to cover the search phrase goal and potential customers/readers needs. That will greatly work for your website optimization and even from this step you will get more traffic than before.

2.       On-page SEO

Title tags is also a part of On-page SEO strategies. On-page optimization includes diverse techniques such as creating quality content with keywords, developing navigation, making meta descriptions, etc.

Firstly, you need to improve and optimize your site name and URL structure. Register your domain name and make sure that your URL includes 3-6 words. Secondly, make simple and convenient navigation. Ensure that all the links are working and they are visible for your visitors. In third place, prepare your delicious content with keywords.  Is it unique, simple, understandable texts without spamming keywords? If yes, you are on the right road!

3.      Off-page SEO

As you can guess, Off-page SEO strategy is a set of techniques which you need to perform outside of your website and your content. The most important part of Off-page optimization is Link Building. It is a methodto to link your website on other pages, apps, social media, blogs, etc. It is important to build links and to optimize your web pages from different resources. Try to choose for it websites, forums and web directories which are related to your website. Google PageRank will evaluate your ranking with help of quality links.

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4.      Images

Don’t be skeptic and don’t doubt in importance of images in SEO. Actually, remember, that everything on you website plays crucial role in online optimization. So don’t forget about images, graphics, photos, etc. Create captions, alt text, choose appropriate size and submit it in an image sitemap to search engines. Don’t put keywords into alt text – it is already enough to put them in your content structure.

5.     Mobile SEO

To talk about SEO without mentioning mobile SEO it is like to remove automatically 50% of your future visitors and clients. The first step to avoid it is to create responsive design for your website. That is what you can do before other optimization techniques (even before on-page SEO and keywords research). Submit mobile sitemap to search engines with webmaster tool account. And check your mobile friendliness, for example, in Google mobile friendly test tool. Are you ready to have 100% of all your potential visitors and customers?

We recommend you not to stop only on these five strategies of online optimization. SEO is an ocean with diverse methods and techniques. So it is not enough to get stuck on few of them and not to develop other features. But it is always a good idea to start your SEO journey and to refresh your knowledge with Short SEO Tutorial. We wish you good luck in this exciting and tricky road!

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