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5 best SEO Tools you need to use in 2017

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It is now obvious to almost every online marketing expert, blogger, and business owner that SEO is extremely important. Some even would go as far as to say that it’s critical for the success of your business. The SEO industry is ever changing coming up with new tools for improving your strategy every time. What tools should you start using in 2017?

  1. Ahrefs

This tool is widely used by online marketers, small business owners and SEOs and perfect if you want to do research and analysis to improve your search rankings. One of its best functions is the Site Explorer that is apt for analyzing back links. The Content Explorer will help you single out the most read content on any topic or keyword of your choice. And off course the tool enables you to do a keyword research where you can choose keyword search volume, monitor SERP and position history, and get ideas on related keywords.

  1. Seobility

Once you need to get an overall look on your site’s SEO performance go no further than the seobility tool. Its SEO audit functions will let you test your website and get recommendations on further improvements. You can check if your page is well optimized for your target keywords. Seobility makes it possible to compare two pages for a keyword term and find out the rankings of your page for any keyword. You can get a free plan if you only use it for one domain.

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3. Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro is one of the best keyword research tools out there. And they are constantly working on improving the tool. The history of Long Tail Pro includes major changes in ownership which only means that the new team is striving for success and doing everything possible to make the product bigger. For instance, one of the major updates is switching from a downloaded application to a cloud-based one which means that you now can enjoy its functions in your browser. It is expected that LTP will only become faster, easier, and more effective.

4. SEM Rush

We all want to dig up information on our direct competitors. However big the temptation can be, we need to keep it legal and use effective tools like SEM Rush. SEM Rush entails a keyword research function, but it’s simply the best at competitor research taking the things to the whole new level. A relatively ‘young’ tool made its name a couple of years ago offering its users over twenty ways to research their competition. An ability to find competitors’ best back links, keywords, content, and more makes this tool a must-have.

5. Pitchbox

While Pitchbox may be not exactly a SEO tool, it still comes in handy when working on a SEO-strategy. And we know that usually it involves a lot of outreach. Thanks to this tool you can now alleviate your struggle and not make everything manually. Its functions let you set up follow-up email automatically. There’s also a couple of SEO tools at users’ disposal such as link monitoring.


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