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How to tell that your SEO strategy doesn’t work

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For an ordinary SEO may be somewhat like rocket science. Business owners are no exception. Fortunately there are various SEO-companies and agencies that are ready to help you promote your business and improve your presence online. Still, many people have a very vague idea about what a truly successful SEO-campaign is. They have nothing left to do than blindly trust their SEO-expert and hope that everything will end up good. However it is crucial to be able to evaluate that you trust the right people and realize that the campaign may have some issues on time.

What are the signs that your SEO strategy just doesn’t work?

1. No improvement

No improvements may be an obvious sign that a strategy isn’t effective. However, it’s not that obvious when it comes to SEO. SEO is a long process, and during first months it is likely that improvement will be very little. Moreover, the thing that some experts call ‘Google dance’ happens a lot. Your site goes up and down among the SERP constantly. Usually a small decline will not destroy your rankings forever. But when enough is enough? Once you see your rankings declining gradually, and your SEO expert won’t give you any plausible explanation, you want to look for a new one.

2. No changes

You don't see any change in your SEO strategy at all. Search engines regularly release updates, buyers set new sales trends, and new technologies burst into our lives. A good SEO expert is aware of the changes and strives to adjust the strategy to the ever changing world of search engines. Consistency may be a good thing. But in this situation this is not a case. Continuing to work with the company that won’t keep up with the trends is a losing game.

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3. Bad reference database

Your expert provides you with a bad reference database. Link building is one of the most important (though this fact is often disputed) and the most complex mechanisms of search engine optimization and website promotion. The effectiveness of the entire SEO campaign may depend on the quality of links to your site because they are the main indicator of your credibility. Why do many people still build their reference database of spam limks? It's simple and not so time and efforts consuming. If you often notice that your website is literally surrounded by weird URLs, it's probably a sign that you will have to pay for this mistake with your hard earned online reputation.

4. Poor content

Content and SEO are inseparable: without quality content it is impossible to launch a successful SEO campaign. The requirements for good content have never been this strict, and generic texts stuffed with keywords, that are barely useful for search engines, let alone for visitors, won’t work anymore. If you want your site to survive, the content of your website should be one of the best in your niche. If your SEO expert doesn’t understand this and isn’t ready to cooperate with copywriters, consider making a different decision.


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