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SEO pricing: How much to spend on SEO?

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We are absolutely sure that the question about the price appears in your mind immediately when you start thinking about SEO. How much does it cost? Is the high pricing meaning the best quality service? Is it better to hire a freelancer with a small payment or to work with a professional company? In our article we will try to dispel the fog from your questions!

What do you have?

The price of SEO techniques depends on the size, functions, and characteristics of your business website. Also, it is important to understand in which place of search ranking you are currently located. By analyzing your situation and requirements the company will calculate which amount of links you need, what is your time frame and which specific procedures they will do.

What are your needs and what is your target market?

The most crucial factor for SEO pricing is how much competition is in your business area. If you are working in the local level it means that there will be low competition keywords and, hence, low price - up to $1000 per month. For the average SEO with easy national keywords it can be up to $2000 per month. And with national keywords the competition is huge, so be ready to spend more than $5000 per month. SEO is always part of the competition in the search engine ranking. More you want to get in optimization and more the field of your target market spreads – more investments you will need to spend.

Which size of SEO firm do you need?

Maybe you did not know that the size of SEO firm can depend on the size of your company. It is mostly recomeded that if your company is small it is better to choose a big company with many employees and specialists. As the big company can have more than 5 projects per month they will give you qualified work, but with not so much attention for your project. For big companies will be more productively to find small SEO firms which will create their work especially for your website and they will not have other projects at the same time.

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What kind of services do you want?

There are several ways for you to use SEO services which your company needs. Off-page SEO includes link building, usage of unique keywords, directory submissions, social bookmarking, etc. Cost of Off-page techniques is usually from $500. The same price is for selling articles which are posted on the client’s website. But the most effective and popular service is SEO Packages. The price of it also depends on work which you want from the company and how often you will have it. 

For how long do you need SEO?

SEO specialists can propose you work services “on result” or“hourly SEO”. The first one is difficult to achieve effectively, because SEO companies may not guarantee precise results. But they can provide you increase of organic profits, keywords model and generation of traffic. Hourly SEO services are paid only by work time regardless of accomplished outcome. Average hourly works costs are between $100 and $150 per hour. The average monthly retainer is between $1000 and $2000 per month.

Remember, that high pricing is not always indicator of high quality services. Good SEO firms will charge reasonable price for results and for work on time. Our last tip for you is that after all your investments in search optimization services you will finally get a positive return. In whole your price for SEO will be practical, rational and, probably, zero!

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