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What is SEO Checker?

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Search engine optimization of your website is not an easy task. You did not learn it at school and probably you did not participate in special SEO courses where professionals were filling your mind with special techniques and skills. So you need to do everything independently if you decided not to choose specialist or firm. Anyway you will have to understand what SEO Checker is and how it will work for your website.

SEO checker is a useful tool which analyzes the website with special data and statistics, shows you how are going your optimization and what should you do in order to improve it. For the best performance of your website in search ranking it is not possible to work without SEO checker and not to analyze current reports and results.

Most of the SEO checkers (you can find them a lot online!) can provide you special information about following features:

  • Usability of the website
  • Title
  • Load time
  • Page size
  • Social media interactions
  • Server signature
  • Most searched keywords
  • Metadata
  • Internal and external links
  • Google preview
  • Alt tags etc.

In order to prevent horrible problems of the website and investigate properly usage of SEO practices all professionals are using SEO checker tools. However, you need to understand that this instrument does not give you full information. With help of it you can be totally sure that now you will optimize your website perfectly and you will never have any problems. Checker should be used with other SEO tools and that is how it can help you to understand where you are now, what mistakes and what your next strategies are.

Moreover, SEO checker can give you suggestions and recommendations of related websites about your backlinks and it can evaluate pages with ranking for special keywords. Also, you will be able to clarify your website between competitors on the Internet and to analyze which keywords they use and how this information can help you for your search ranking. 

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SEO Checker Tools

We gathered for you some special SEO checker tools so you do need to spend time in order to find them individually.

1.      Google Page Speed Tools       

You can identify methods which make your website fast and mobile-friendly. The application can automatically optimize your website and it is available as a library in order to create your own tools.

2.      Majestic 

It is the largest link database on the Internet. With help of Majestic you can understand how to connect websites through the whole Internet. It allows you to explore the domain / URL in detail and conduct a search in the index by keyword or other parameters.

3.      Website SEO Checker 

This tool keeps you updated about all metric distributions, and gives you necessary information on how it affects website traffic. Website SEO Checker analyzes the domain of page metrics, spam report, Google index, keywords positions and blog features.

4.      WooRank 

WooRank provides important information about SEO in the browser. This SEO checker tool analyzes social media, usability, mobile device capabilities, scanning errors and general SEO compatibility.

5.      ScanBackLinks 

This SEO checker is the best in investigating your SEO weaknesses by analyzing the profile of backlinks. ScanBackLinks presents you a full report and experts’ advises on how to keep up with competitors and increase common traffic.

So now you are ready not only for fully understanding the theory of SEO checker, but also which tools you can use in practice. Keep strong and wise work on website optimization and with our help you can achieve much more than you have ever expected!

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