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SEO Basics: How to learn it from scratch

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The Internet seems to be full of articles, tutorials, posts, and tips on search engine optimization. Nevertheless it is still difficult for a beginner to know how to start their journey into the SEO industry especially when there are certain issues with the information on SEO on the Internet. First, much of it is now obsolete and will be of no use for a beginner. Second, many tips contradict each other and confuse a newbie. The truth is the most important skill is to learn how to learn. If you also have a good command of languages, understand basics of web design, PR, and marketing you have plenty of possibilities in the world of SEO.

1. Get to know the terms

 As any professional field, the field of SEO has its own terminology. If you don’t understand it, you will barely be able to understand a simple article. But you don’t need to learn them by heart. Our tip: print out a list of SEO basic terms and leave it around the house where you can look at it from time to time.

2. Start with primary sources

First and foremost, familiarize yourself with the requirements of search engines, for instance Google guidelines. You should play by its rules and never try to manipulate the mechanisms. The temptation may be strong, but the chances are your site will be penalized. That’s why you should learn it at the very beginning.

3. Sign up on SEO forums

Forums can be a useful source of information and a place where you are likely to meet a mentor. Don’t be too eager to ask questions though. If an answer to your question can be easily found online, better abstain from writing a post to maintain good reputation.

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4. Practice

If you have no experience, we do not advise to make up a complex website. Start with a simple one, do a research on queries with moderate competition and start working. Besides, you can experiment all you want. It’s your own website and every mistake will cost you very little to nothing.

5. Make up a promotion plan

Before you begin the optimization of the site, decide what you need to do and make up a detailed plan. This will be your first strategy of website promotion, and it should include all the action from the change of the meta tags and content to build links. And yet, before shredding the code don't forget to do a backup.

6. Learn to analyze competitors

Of course, theory is important. But the best you can learn to do to reach the top is to analyze competitors that are already on top. Look through everything that is legally accessible online: on your own or with help of tools.

7. Do not give in to emotions

 Unsuccessful update, an unexpected change of algorithms, sinking positions, or a penalty from search engines can permanently discourage you from working on the site or even make you lose every hope to grasp SEO. The harsh truth is SEO is probably not for you if you give in to emotions easily. So boost that confidence, remember what motivated you to start studying SEO basics and keep on learning.


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