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5 SEO analyzers that let you see your website like Google does

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Google is crazy, am I right? Constant updates, millions of guidelines, unpredictability… But fortunately there’s still hope in life even for someone who works on a SEO strategy which is SEO analyzer tools. Let’s revise your tool box and see what you can add there in 2017.

  1. SEO Analyzer

We consider it one of the easiest and fastest tools if you want to uncover SEO metrics. SEO Analyzer provides you with a free downloadable report; and a full website analysis takes only a few seconds. It is also apt for generating initial SEO reports for a quick consultation, if you audit a client’s website. SEO analyzer will give you a clear idea on technical SEO factors such as the presence of keywords, number of back links, page load speed, and the overall impact of social media activities.

  1. Link Research Tools

This tool is totally trustable. It proved to be working just right by such big brands like LinkedIn and Ebay. Knowing your site’s performance on back linking is a crucial part of planning out an online marketing strategy; and this tool provides you with a comprehensive audit report. One of the obvious advantages of this tool is the creation of 360 degree view of the back link profile and generation of a new crawl every time you apply for a report. Other available link audit tools barely enable you to do that. And given that back linking directly impacts your ranking, this is a SEO analyzer you want to add it to your arsenal.

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3. WooRank

That’s another amazing tool if you want to conduct a thorough analysis of your website, identify errors, and optimize the most important elements influencing your search engine rankings. It is apt if you want to check every SEO element on page including meta tags, heading tags, keywords, site maps, and broken links. You will get a very clear idea on the status and performance of each of them. You will also find out the usability of your website and its compatibility with mobile devices your visitors may use.

4. SEO Optimer

Ever wondered what are the most important metrics you should take into account while working on SEO? This tool will make it clear for you. SEO Optimer scans your site and evaluates each of the following criteria: SEO, performance, usability and mobile device compatibility, social media impact, and security. You don’t only get grades on each of criteria, but also recommendations on future improvements.

5. Found

This one is a relatively new SEO tool. Not that many online marketers are aware of it, so we encourage you to put yourself ahead of the competition by trying this SEO analyzer right now. Found checks your website for every SEO factor that has the greatest influence on your rankings. You can easily download a full comprehensive report on SEO errors present on your page, other on page factors and their compliance with search engine requirements, and full links metrics.


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