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Search engine optimization: what is SEO?

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Each customer's appeal to our company for improving positions of website in search, is accompanied by a succession of questions. This is especially noticeable for users who faced the need to promote their web project first time and don't understand that this work is complex, including various activities to improve the structure of the website, its code, content, navigation, design - even in the short list of the most necessary actions are designated up to 200 points. We will not list them all, but we will focus on the most frequently asked questions from the field of SEO marketing.
In this review, we will tell about three issues that often arise in a conversation with customers of Zexler.

Question 1: Auditing of a website

Quite recently, the owner of a small auto repair shop, whose website has been in existence for 3 years, approached this question.

Carrying out of audit is comparable to diagnostics of the car. While you do not do it, you will not start repair. The same situation in the sphere of SEO. It is necessary to understand the reasons that do not allow the website to rise in the ranking of search results. We check all the parameters - key phrases, page coding and validity, friendliness of the interface, catalogs, navigation, design and content. Depending on the complexity of the project comes to thousands of check items. Based on the results of the audit, a report is drawn up, indicating the defects found and ways of eliminating them. Only after that you can start working on errors.

Question 2: Semantic core and its meaning

Let's illustrate the issue on the life situation. The owner of the website for online sale of household products asked to conduct SEO-actions, but required not to engage in core semantics. The reason is simple: experience of promotion in another company didn't lead to the desired results, although the line in the invoice for payment for this position contained an impressive figure. We managed to reach a compromise solution and convince him of the need for this action. Now we will describe you the process.

The core of the keys is the most, perhaps, subjective parameter of promotion. It is impossible to assess in advance, it all depends on the qualifications, experience and integrity of the performer. In various projects, the number of key phrases can vary and reach up to 15-20 thousand search queries. In this case, consider "negative keywords" that specify the meaning and scope, "stop words", "garbage" keys. Add here an analysis of the semantics of competitors, and you get an approximate idea of the amount of work. And 90% of it is produced manually and according to the author's algorithms developed in each company (if you are applying to good employees). There are also automatic services, but apparently with the result of their use and encountered our client who does not want to engage in the semantics of key phrases.

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Question 3: Buying links as the main method of promotion

This item is often discussed with the owners of old websites that have experience in SEO.

There is no point in arguing, the reference method of promotion gives quick results and a "long-playing" effect. Until recently, it was considered a panacea for search engine optimization. But the situation changed, Yandex and Google introduced a new ranking policy and punished the websites that use links as the basis of SEO. The method itself remained in the arsenal of web companies, but no longer as a sole leader. Considering the trend of search engines to reduce its importance in favor of other methods of promotion - it is better to balance different methods and get a guaranteed and long-term result.

Megacity specificity in promotion of websites

Telling about SEO, it is impossible to ignore such an option as linking the website's promotion to local conditions. If the activity (for example) of dry cleaning is focused on step-by-step accessibility and provision of services to the population of one district of the regional center, it does not position itself in another geographical area. The same should be applied to search engine optimization of websites.

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