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7 professional SEO services

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SEO is a huge field of tools, services, instruments and techniques which you can use as much as it is possible. Probably, it is the most useful and not complicated way to rank your website in the search results, to get more customers and to improve the website for users and for search engines. We know how it works from inside and we assure that SEO needs a lot of practice and useful methods. So, if you have a desire to increase a potential of your website and to be able to develop your business online – this article will definitely open your eyes on which professional SEO services you have to use.

1.      Keyword Research and Analysis

Keyword Research is considered as a whole separate science of SEO. To learn how to search for right keywords, how to use Google Keyword planner is approximately half of the way to perfectly optimize your website. Professional SEO companies find right search terms, long-tail key-words, phrases for website’s products and services and with help of it your website gets more traffic. It is important to use keywords in articles, title, meta descriptions, tags and to involve them wisely for readers and customers as well as for search engines.

2.      SEO Copywriting

The second crucial professional SEO service is writing for SEO. Without proper articles, texts, blog news your Keyword Research is useless and actually other services as well. The content of the website should be exciting, engaging, correct and useful. What can attract customers? Yes, your “tasty” content. You can read more about SEO copywriting techniques and tips in our text “How to write perfect SEO articles?”.

3.      On-page SEO

As you guess optimization has two sides of its work – inside and outside. On-page SEO is all what you need to do inside your website and webpage for the best search ranking. It includes HTML code optimization, meta tags creation, content optimization, keyword-optimized URL and title, 301 redirection, including images, infographics header tags, etc. It will totally change your website structure with professional approaches and methods.

4.      Off-page SEO

This service contents capability to optimize your website with interaction of the whole Internet. Off-page SEO is external strategy and mostly works for the best link building. It includes directory submissions, blog marketing services, article marketing, forum posting, e-mail marketing, comments in blogs, communities, etc. For professional SEO companies strategies with link building are the most valuable and effective.

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5.     Local Search Optimization

If you have a company for lawyers in a small town or private dental clinic in countryside - how your customers will find you? Of course, they can use recommendations from friends, to see your advertisement on newspaper or just to search by the Internet. The third way is all about Local SEO. It is specific strategy which can put you on Google maps and by which you will be visible online. You need to involve NAP (name, address and phone number), title and meta description tags, reviews, online directories, etc. For more information about Local Search Optimization read our article “Local SEO Service”.

6.      Mobile SEO

If you have doubt in SEO mobile optimization check world search engine statistics and you will explore that more than half users searching by smartphones and tablets than by laptops or computers. It means that mobile SEO would be really helpful professional service in any business sphere. Accelerated mobile pages are a key feature of increasing traffic, conversions and your placement in a search ranking.

7.     Social Media Optimization

That is the part of the huge “web” Search Engine Marketing known as Social Media Marketing. It is very useful for SEO purposes, and professional companies will definitely recommend you to develop it. In order to be everywhere you need to promote your website on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, VK, etc. That is a lot of work to do so be sure that you have SMM expert in your company or you have hired SEO firm for the social media promoting.

No matter what is your website about, where is located your company and for whom you produce products and services – the crucial point is to optimize your website with the best results and with powerful effect. Make sure that you use all 7 professional SEO services and that you are ready to get more customers and more orders!


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