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What is PageRank?

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Do you know which factors can increase your website position in search results? It can provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) strategies. But which method assesses importance of a website and by this can increase its position? That is Google ranking algorithm PageRank (PR).

PageRank is a numerical factor that characterizes the importance of a web page, its popularity and how many links it involves. More links to a page, more important it is in the search. In addition, the weight of the page A is determined by the weight of the link transmitted by page B. Thus, PageRank is a method of calculating the importance of a page by measuring the importance of references to it.

The mechanism of the PageRank in Google’s search is following:

1.      The machine finds in its main index all the documents in which words from the user’s query appear.

2.      Among them it chooses those with higher keyword density in the text, title, tags, etc.

3.      It takes into account the anchor which leads from other websites to these documents. It is also analyzed for the density of keywords from the user’s query.

4.      The results can be slightly adjusted based on the PageRank. Documents with the same relevance for this query will be placed in their positions in the search results.

One of the PageRank’ term is Link Juice. That means link building and usage of backlinks between your website page and others. Web pages from the most significant websites can pass link juice points in the thousands.

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Also, it is important to understand a term PageRank sculpting. It is a manipulation with the amount of PageRank which transfers through specific links by page to other pages by assigning the Nofollow attribute to one or more links coming from this page. Nofollow holds a larger PageRank on the page with the purpose of its further transfer to the necessary pages. But in 2009 it was stated that sculpting PageRank is no longer working, since now placing any links (both with the nofollow attribute and without it) results in an equal distribution of the transmitted PageRank between the outbound links.

Since 2016 Google has officially disabled the Toolbar PageRank, after which it became impossible to learn the meaning of PR from browsers and other tools. But it means that Toolbar PageRank Data is closed only for public. In reality PageRank is working, and Google will still be using it. PageRank remains a crucial ingredient in Google’s secret ranking algorithms.

No matter if the PR is open for public or not, it is important to remember about its techniques. For SEO purposes, for link building and backlinks it is always topical to know mechanism and ranking structure of PR. So next time when in your mind will appear the question “What is PageRank?” you know where you will find all information!

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