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Create a name for your brand in 7 steps

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Creating a name for your brand requires a certain kind of magic. You have too much on stake: after all, the name is the first thing people learn about your business. There must be a perfect name out there. It resonates with consumers, makes you stand out among others on the market, is likely to survive after many years to come. And it takes you 10 steps to find it.

  1. Develop a brand strategy

You shouldn’t start looking for a brand name before you have a complete brand concept and strategy. The name should be in line with the values of your business.

  1. Do your research

You can have a very clear idea of what market nice you take up. Analyzing what your direct competitors do and how their naming strategies are received by their audience can help. Learn on their mistakes and don’t be afraid to loan successful techniques.

  1. Figure out your message

Now that you learnt how your competitors are and what they do, you can start thinking what makes you different and what position on the market you should take up based on what already exists. A thorough analysis will add up to building up your brand’s unique personality.

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4. Any idea is a good idea

Don’t aim for perfection at the very beginning. Give you and your team some time to play with seemingly absurd and off-the-top-of-the-head ideas. This is what makes up a true brainstorming that will lead you to something you can actually work with. Put any idea you get on a list and care only about quantity at this point. After it narrow this list down to 10-20 best ideas.

5. Check twice

Literally no one wants to end up running a business under a seemingly perfect name to then figure out that such a name has already existed for ages. Unfortunately similarly good ideas come to many people. Check if the name you came up with is available as well as the availability of the domain name.

6. Play with mock-ups

You want to know how your name will look in the real world. Create a mock-up business card with this name on it, tell it your friends to receive a feedback on how it sounds, and imagine how it would match with the package design of your product. At this stage you will reduce your list to even fewer ideas.

7. Be consistent and stay aware

Once you chose a brand name, use it consistently wherever it’s possible. You should constantly monitor how your target audience receives your name and conduct ongoing research to make changes if needed.


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