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There are diverse versions of SEO services and one of them is Local SEO. If you would like your future customers easily find you - this type of SEO will actually help you to gain more traffic, and for your clients it would be more convenient finally to order your services.

Local SEO optimizes the website for organic queries in the search engines additionally with local information. Local search queries include searches with geo qualifiers (country, town, and region) and with a zip code. It can be also created without geo-qualifier such as query “bars near me” or “the best dental clinics not far away”.

If you would like to optimize your website with the best results and achievements you need to be inside the Google map and to state in the Google local listings. It is crucial for the website to be appeared in the Google business. Because of it people will clearly get all amount of information such as opening hours, address, contact details and that is the only one way how clients can contact you.  

NAP (name, address and phone number)

These citations are a crucial strategy to rank your website in the top lines of the search. It is key factor of Local SEO. Just make sure that you added it in a consistent format and it can be easily seen in search results.

Title and Meta description tags

It is HTML elements that you can customize to reflect the content of your web page. Title tags appear as the link in the search engine and Meta descriptions are placed below the title tag. Title tags and Meta descriptions have to include the page’s topic, keyword and brand name.

On-page SEO

When you are planning to start Local SEO works make sure that your On-page SEO is working perfect. Remember about the precious content on your website, keywords and links. Local SEO will not get you customers’ flow, traffic and conversions if your “inner part” is in inappropriate form. 

Google My Business Page

On Google My Business you can easily create and maintain a company page. People will see it when they search for your business or similar business on Google Search and Maps. Your clients will be able to find you. All you need is just to fill all the requirement information (NAP and working hours, days), upload photos, profile images and choose categories which are related business.

Website’s domain authority

High domain authority of the website that is linking to your website is a worthwhile result for SEO purposes.

Reviews from your customers

Encourage customers to leave reviews about your services. It is the best local SEO ranking factor and they are often used to compare the links in organic SEO.

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Other crucial features for Local SEO

  • Use online directories;
  • Don’t forget about the referencing keywords;
  • Add external links pointing to the page;
  • And use internal linking.

Geographic limitations can work to your advantage in the world of local search. No matter in which area of the world you are living or is stated your office – with these special techniques of Local SEO services will get you more customers, orders and traffic on your business website.

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