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How to get more likes on Facebook?

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How to get more likes on Facebook?

More likes – more clients. More clients – more likes. That is the main connections in any business in the digital era. Even in offline world if you have more recommendations and sympathies you will get more customers for your business. But how you can make it in online sphere? How to create the best Facebook page and receive many-many likes? Follow these easy 10 tips which we selected especially for you!

1.      Promote your page. If you think that you created a great content, your friends, colleagues and some customers know it and give likes – you failed. Promotion of your pages on Facebook does not need any special skills. Just put your Facebook page link on the website, in your newsletters, email signature and business cards. Actually try to put it everywhere as it is possible. Your page on Facebook has the same value with your original website.

2.      Question posts – more comments and likes. People like communication on social media and your Facebook page can provide it. Just be sure that your questions are related to your subject and business. Keep them short, engaged and intriguing. Excellent content on your Facebook page will receive likes and clients at once.

3.      Be active 1-2 times a day. Some researchers say that it should be even 3 times per day. From other studies it is recommended to be the most active at 3 p.m. on Wednesdays. As I suggest, time and regularity depend on your business subject, and you should individually coordinate when and how often to post on the Facebook page.

4.      Photos, infographics and videos. On Facebook original photos receive more engagement than just textual or link posts. Because of it you will get 53% more likes, 104% comments and 84% click-through. You can also create your own infographics and videos. Users will appreciate it with huge amount of likes.

5.      SEO for your Facebook page. Use relevant keywords in your title and in section “About”. Make sure your profile is complete and contains name, address and phone number. And don’t forget about a catchy and simple URL of your page.

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6.      Facebook Social plugins and Like Boxes. Facebook gives you opportunity for better engagement of the audience – just use Facebook Free Plugins. Your visitors can like and share the page without having to leave your website.

7.     Facebook Advertisement. Facebook has a huge assortment of advertisement products to choose from some of the best targeting options available on social media. Facebook offers a “Page Like Ad” which contains suggestions that users like your page. These advertisements can appear in users’ news feeds or in the advertisement column.

8.      Facebook Retargeting. This is the best way to receive “warm” auditory which will give as many like as you could not imagine. Facebook pixel, LookALike-targeting and attracting target audience will make your page popular and unforgettable for users.

9.     Offer stimulus. Offer stimulus for people to like your page, such as a special offer or coupon. Propose an exclusive discount just for your Facebook fans.  Make a unique contest between your users, for example, the winner of the best article will get a job in your company or a special product/service.

10.      Contact administrators of other Facebook communities. That is advice from my personal experience as administrator on social media. Be in touch with other Facebook communities, order ad of your group from them and be ready to engage their users. It does not mean that you have to cooperate with your business opponents. Just look which groups will be ready for the partnership, and finally their users will start being your clients.

That is not the full list of recommendations and tips for getting likes on Facebook. More you will be working on your Facebook page – more you will invent your own techniques. But lately check your “hint list”, and you will see – half of them are already in our “10 tips”!


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