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How to do SEO? Some tips for professionals and amateurs

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I guess if you start reading this article you probably have your own precious website or blog, where you present business, products or just create posts with your unsurpassed thoughts and photos. In any case, you would like (and you really need) to have readers, customers and, at least, to make them click your website link. If you are already being plugged-in is all it about, so just scroll the first part of this article and you will find some curios tips and notes about SEO. If you are totally beginner and amateur so let start our journey under the fearful name - Search Engine Optimization. 

What is SEO? We will not waste on it our valuable time – just read our article “What is SEO?” and after it start explore next steps.

Why you need it? Without SEO techniques your website or blog is like a ghost in a cemetery. Nobody sees you, nobody talks with you – you are alone with your perfect content and the only one person who visits your web pages is your mom. In this case, with superiority of the Internet you need to make your content available in search first positions of Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. And SEO is the only one and the best helper for it.

From which step you should start?

Your content is your first and the top step. Don’t start even thinking about SEO if all you have on your website – are photos of your gorgeous cat. Make your content, unique and valuable. The most important are your texts – and only because of it SEO lately will start work for you. At least, write an unusual description under photos of your cat and create intriguing stories from his name.

Well, you finally generate perfect website with creative design, astonishing texts, photos, videos, information about your company or cat. And you are ready to “sell” it in the search engines and to follow SEO steps.

1. SEO URL, permalink and domain – make them be alive.  

You should have SEO friendly format for you URL. Permalink is the start point on your SEO road. Make from one platform which allow such services. Also modify and make it shorter. Register a domain and look for one that contains one of the keywords you want to rank for.

2. Keywords – is a SEO key factor.

The next main step of optimization is putting keywords in your page title, in the meta description, in texts and in the tagline. But take it easy, don’t spoil your perfect content with them. The most important rule for using keywords is that they don’t prevent your web pages being readable and natural. Times, when search engines were relied on keywords without checking quality of the content, have passed. Don't use keywords which are unrelated to your topic. It can initially attract more visitors, but not for a long time - search engines notice it. Now we have smart machines.

3. Sitemap – just do it.

Create and submit sitemaps. It would help the search engine find all of the pages on your website. XML type of sitemap is kept in the home folder of your website for search engine. HTML file is on your website which is shown to your visitors and guided to all directions of your website. For the content management system (e.g. Drupal, Joomla) are already plugins for it. If you are working in the WordPress you will need to use plugins which will help you to create sitemap. Submit it into Google or register in Bing search engines.

4. Navigate your website clearly.

Does your website have clear navigation and design? Visitors can easily get any information they want? If you say “yes” – go further. If you are a little bit in doubt so it is never too late to check it and let people orient on your website like they are in their living room. Make sure that you have comprehensible categories, options and pages.

5. Backlinks – okay, what is that again?

Backlinks are links that are on other websites which are related to yours. That is crucial element for a ranking factor. They allow visitor moving from one website to another. But remember - still quality is the first factor. Optimizing for search engine does not mean that you should use as many backlinks as it can be possible. Trustworthy websites with good SEO is a key feature for you.

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Some more tips and notes

For professionals and for curios beginners

If you are in this part of our article, it means that you are profession and you have skipped previous parts in order to find something fresh or you have read our SEO instruction so you are ready to use them.

1. Which tools will help you to optimize the website?

For this question we are guiding you to our special articles: “Which Free SEO Tools you can use?” and “The best SEO tools”. There you will find meaningful and complete information about modern online services for the optimization.

2. Cooperate with other related blogs and websites.

If you are beginner or solitary professional it is time for collaboration with great blogs, which already have good traffic and unique content.

3.  Use social media marketing (but wisely).

As offline market needs an advertisement on TV, in newspapers and on other media, an online product cannot succeed without media marketing. So use it widely, but wisely. Don’t let your website be put in spam black list.

4. Your content is still the crucial element of SEO.

If you skipped our first part, we will kindly repeat it. Readable, quality and unique content is the first step which should all the time accompany you in your SEO journey. Don’t let it disappear. Improve the content all the time and don’t make it being duplicate and unoriginal.

5. SEO needs a lot of practice and permanent work.

You made all previous steps? It is still not enough. As you are improving your content, increase your SEO skills and never stop optimizing your website.

Be patient and you will see your results only after careful and thoughtful work. After all you always have us and we will encourage your enthusiasm and desire to be the first in the search lines! 

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