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Google is testing a lightweight search app for countries with slow Internet networks

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Google is currently testing an experimental version of a Google search app developed for slower Internet connections. The company will modified new search app in Indonesia and, probably, in India. That is happening in order to see how they can speed their search services in places where slow Internet speed is.

The interface includes the same features of the man search app, but it is very simplified for speed purposes. It can see news, images, weather and use translator in switch offline mode. That is the difference with main search app when it has all these features in the main screen and uploads them at once. Search Lite will likely use little data in order to allow users to do the same things in countries with the slow Internet as it uses in countries with the fast Internet.

As Android Police comments this innovation, the search bar in new Google Search Lite is more easily accessible on the bottom of the display and shows suggested keyword additions on top of it. Also you can find shortcuts which will take you directly to different categories such as entertainment and monitoring news.

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