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Google named 10 the most frequent queries of instructions from users

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Google revealed “secret data” which the most frequent queries people put in search when they need to fix something or just “how to do something”. They identified that question “how to…” has increased from 2004 by more than 140%.

Investigators made a comparison of these queries between all the countries. They come to the following results: North Americans and East Asians mostly asking how to fix their toilets, users from former Soviet countries always trying to fix their washing machines, people from warm countries reasonably worry about their fridges, North and Eastern Europeans need help from the Internet in order to fix their light bulbs.

Also, researchers calculated search indexes of queries like “How to boil eggs” (search index 12), “How to kiss a girl” (search index 7) or “How to get pregnant” (search index 47). The winner of these specific queries is the question “How to tie a tie” – its search index is 100.

That is the most frequent “how to…” queries which were explored by Google (in brackets is search index):

1.      how to tie a tie (100)

2.      how to kiss (55)

3.      how to get pregnant (47)

4.      how to lose weight (32)

5.      how to draw (23)

6.      how to make money (21)

7.      how to make pancakes (19)

8.      how to write a cover letter (14)

9.      how to make french toast (14)

10.  how to lose belly fat (13)

Also researches provided diagrams which can show how the queries changed throughout years. For example, the question “How to make slime” has significantly increased from 2016 until this year. When in the beginning of 2016 this query had search index 6, today it reached approximately 90 points.

For more data and diagrams of special Google queries check the website’s project “How To Fix a Toilet And Other Things We Couldn’t Do Without Search”.


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