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Google application for iOS adds trending searches near users and instant answers

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Google updated the search application for iOS version 34.1 and added two new features - trend queries and instant answers. Now when you click on the search button you will see popular queries from people who are near you.

In the new version of the application the answers for questions begin to appear simultaneously with the text input. Users will also be able to send feedback about the hint that they saw. For this you need to go to the left of the screen and click on the “information” icon.

The Google application will present trending searches which are near users and “instant answers” which give the results without completing a search. Similar function to trending queries appeared earlier on Android, but due to negative feedback from users, Google added to the setting the ability to turn it off. “Instant answers” are on the Internet and they are available in Chrome’s OmniBar and Android Google application.

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