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Google updated Analytics Cookie in respond to Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention

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New Google Analytics cookie is developed to hold advertisement tracking from Safari for AdWords campaigns.

Now analytics.js records information about AdWords campaigns in the file cookie _gac. This file allows getting more accurate data about the interaction of customers with the company. The new feature can track conversions in the Safari browser after Apple launches Intelligent Tracking Prevention (ITP).Google will add a new _gac cookie to the website’s domain with using of auto-tagging feature and the presence of the Google Analytics tag on the website. The file will preserve data about the click on the advertisement through which the user came to the website.

AdWords will proceed to inform about the conversions of those users who lately operated with Google services and domains. Moreover AdWords will use statistical modeling to determine those conversions that cannot be evaluated when transferring from Safari and will contain them in AdWords informing.

Advertisers who linked their accounts to AdWords and Google Analytics will not notice any changes. For advertisers who have not linked their accounts to AdWords and GA or have disabled a new cookie AdWords will use the simulation to count the conversions from Safari that could occur in 24 hours of the user’s recent visits through the ad in the Safari browser.

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