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Freelancer or professional web developer?

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Today it is not difficult to find either freelancer or professional web developer. There are many opportunities to hire a person who is working alone for himself. Or maybe you just need to conclude a contract with a company that will provide you a professional web developer? Let us discuss these two options in order for you to choose which one is the best for your project.

Professional web developer


1. If you are working on a complex web project, to hire a professional from the company is the only one opportunity to receive perfect results without any demerits. The company has several departments such as designing, programming, maintenance and updates. You will be sure in professionalism in any directions of your project.

2. Urgent basis and short time frame. You will have guarantees without deadline delays. The company values its reputation so they cannot lose it in order to do their job later.

3.  You will have legal guarantees. Obviously, that is the main point of this choice – you are sure with whom you are working and whom you are trusting. The company will provide you well-written contract that will clearly state which obligations and responsibilities both sides have.

4. Regular detailed reports and feedback. If you need all the time to be in touch with the work of web developer and you want to get correct and full feedback, the company has to provide it in any cases.

5. Choose professionals if your website has high level of customization.

6. Unique tools and techniques of the design. You can get a unique elaborations and developments from the specific company.


1.  High cost. It is not a secret that in order to hire a professional web developer from the company you will need to pay by ten times more that for a freelancer. You have to remember that this price is going for work of several departments and by this the website development would be much better than with work of freelancer. But if you have a small project and low level of customization, maybe freelance work option would be better for you.

2. Communication with an account manager. For the clients it may be a problem not to have direct communication and to discuss work mostly with the account manager of the company.

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Freelance web developer


1. If your website or project is small in size and in function it is better to rely on freelance web developer.

2. It is much cheaper than to hire a professional from the company. If you have problems with your budget or you just want to save money, freelancer is a good choice for it.

3. If you have unlimited time. As it was said professional companies don’t have deadline delays. But we cannot say the same about freelancers. If you don’t need quick work and you can wait as much as it is possible, freelancer’s work is a good solution for your project.

4.  Personalized attention and individual approach. Although a freelancer can have several projects at once, she/he will communicate with you directly without any mediators. For freelancer it is very important to pay attention to your website, when companies have too many projects at once and delay in communication.

5. Flexibility of the cooperation. Freelancer will adapt to all your conditions. It is very important for her/him that the collaboration will be in a long-term.


1. The human factor. It is the main disadvantage because of which clients don’t rely on freelance work. Worker can just disappear, to be ill or suddenly to have problems in the personal life. And you will not be able to request any results of the works as you did not have any legal guarantees with the employee.

2.  Deadline delay. It has more possibilities to appear in cooperation with freelancer, than with professional web developer from the company. Also it is part of the human factor or freelancer just has other projects and you don’t have legal obligations with her/him.

3. The lack of guarantees. It is not the same with human factor, but these two minuses are very close to each other. If you are not sure about your new freelancer, it is better not to pay advance payment and to wait until some of work results.

Overall, it is always your choice, whom you need to hire for the project – a professional web developer from the company or freelancer. Maybe a freelancer is professional? Or you are not ready for the cooperation with the company? Anyway, we hope that this article will help you with your decision and it will be the best for your project!

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