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Facebook starts selling in-stream

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Now Facebook allows for advertisers to buy advertising in-stream format in social networks and Facebook Audience Network. The advantage of this innovation is that advertising will be shown in videos that are already watched by users and will be played with turned on sound.

As said Kate Orseth, product marketing manager for media monetization at Facebook, it can allow agencies and brands drive the most value from their spending and it’s really rooted in consumer behavior and what Facebook seeing unfold. There are lot of short, on-the-go video consumption in Newsfeed, and longer-form, lean-back viewing on Facebook and offsite via Audience Network.

Over 70 % of advertisements of this format which is lasting up to 15 seconds are watched until the end. Customers of the new format will be able to decide how their videos will be displayed - like a mid-roll video in Facebook-broadcasts or as a pre-roll or mid-roll in a video in Audience Network. Previous formats of video advertising in Facebook included pre-roll and mid-roll video, and individual videos in the news stream.

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