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Drupal vs WordPress

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When it is time to choose an appropriate and convenient Content management system (CMS) for your purposes you can feel uncertainty and confusion about the choice. Drupal or WordPress? WordPress or Drupal? Which system will be more suitable for your future business website or e-shop and which will get you exactly what you need?

Let us help you with this difficult choice. We specify similar features and differences between these two systems. So after this explanation only what you need is to compare your needs and following data.


1.      Both systems are software with open source code. You will be able to download and get them free. During installation you get basic procedures and functions which you can extend with the help of the required modules.

2.      Both have regularly themes that can accelerate time of the working and allow editing in the browser.

3.      Drupal and WordPress contain huge library of plugins, modules and themes which you can use for free or paid.  

4.      Both Drupal and WordPress include responsive interface and can be used on mobile version.

5.      Both systems have SEO and can be effectively optimized by its methods.  

6.      If you have troubles with work or you need an advice with the installation, both Drupal and WordPress have  support groups.

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1.      Drupal includes more techniques than WordPress, but if you have no information how to manage it - they are useless for you.

2.      WordPress is easier for beginners, when Drupal is more sophisticated and is affordable mostly for professional developers.

3.      WordPress is the best option for blogs, when Drupal is used for government and media websites.

4.      Drupal upgrade does not include a code, when WordPress upgrade does not need special knowledge for re-design.

5.      WordPress created a mobile application, when Drupal still does not have it.

6.      Drupal uses paid modules, and WordPress mostly uses free plugins. Also costs for Drupal modules are higher than WordPress paid themes.

7.      Drupal websites look unique, because of the designers’ work. Whereas WordPress blogs look similar to each other, because of the same themes and features in the CMS.

8.      As it is shown in statistics, Drupal has really high level of security, when WordPress can be easily hacked.

9.      For work in Drupal you will need a specialist to manage installing or updating modules.

10.  It is considered that Drupal is more effective with SEO techniques.

11.  Drupal has a cleaner admin panel for content editor than WordPress has.

12.  WordPress is more supportive for multiple authors than Drupal.

As you can see differences are twice as much as similarities between Drupal and WordPress. Overall, WordPress is a good choice for peculiar blogs and posting content.  But Drupal is the best for the stable and professional website with high security and more complicated development. Drupal’s functionality goes much deeper than WordPress, but most of the people choose WordPress because of its available plugins, unusual themes and affordable techniques. We recommend using WordPress for your blog or for a small business website. And we advise to choose Drupal for highly customized business websites with a large amount of the content. Anyway, we are totally sure that you will choose an appropriate CMS for your website or blog as you see it in your inmost dreams!

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