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Content marketing in 2017: 3 trends you should know about

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We already know what awaits us in 2017. We’ll see increased amounts of video content. Email marketing may start playing a bigger role than ever. The algorithms will keep on changing, and marketers will have to rely less on social networks. And we’ll be hearing even more about artificial intelligence technologies and virtual reality which are finding their niche in content marketing.

However, the success of content is determined not only by how it was created, but also how it is consumed. That moment when your content creates a new connection with a customer or a potential customer is what matters. This relationship stimulates the growth of the business.

Let’s revise what as we think will trend in content marketing in 2017:

1. Video content. Behavioral targeting

Video content has conquered the Internet which opens up a huge scope of possibilities for content marketers. In 2017 69% of all Internet traffic will be associated with video content, and by 2020 it will make up for 82% of traffic. This trend may not seem new, though what is new is the approach to video content creating. The current trend is that marketers are more interested in connecting with their audience on a behavioral level. So, to stay ahead of the competition in 2017, when distributing video content, you need to consider the lifestyle of your user and predict their response to your content based on that.

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2. Personalization

Personalization of content is becoming increasingly important. It allows you to ensure maximum relevance and enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns. Today content doesn’t necessarily have to reach a wider audience. It should be rather aimed at a narrow target group. This approach allows brands to stand out among competitors. It requires learning all of the segmentation strategies that allows you to select the right customers. This trend will remain relevant in 2017. It is also possible that we’ll see even more demand on personalized content.

3. Visual user generated content

User-generated content (UCG) is not a new phenomenon, but it continues to evolve as brands find new ways to work with their users to create content. Essentially, this means that people are interested in photos and videos created by your customers, but not all brands realize it. For example, potential customers of an online store trust photos of the products in the reviews more than professional images. The good news is that users will be happy to assist you in creating such content. And thus the chances are other uses will find this helpful when making purchasing decisions.

Content marketing in 2017 will not be determined by how we create our content, but how we distribute it among our audience and thus meet our customers ' needs.



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