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Bing Ads suggests bid adjustments based on campaign data

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Bing Ads has included offers for remarketing bid adjustments to the Opportunities tab. Bid adjustment offers will be based on advertisement productivity and performance information.

For lower CPA (cost per acquisition) than the medium campaign Bing Ads will propose a greater bid adjustment and display calculated conversion growth. For the reverse situation Bing Ads will offer a negative bid adjustment and reveal calculated cost savings. If you want to make use of remarketing lists in Bing Ads you have to insert UET tag of Bing Ads on the website and install conversion targets. But not all advertisers will be able to see it right now.

The team of Bing Ads reported that according to the statistics from “ComScore qSearch” in the US the share of the search engine Microsoft is 33% and in the UK it is 23%.

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