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How to create the best website design?

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How to create the best website design?

What is the Best Website Design? Is it just pack of rules which designers use without any changes? Or this “science” has no recommendations at all and creators just “gone with the wind” with their impulses and creativity? Let us combine these features and present you some tips and advices for the improvement of your skills.

1.      Research and recon – some rules are for everybody, even for professionals.

You would say that this tip is universal and obvious, and we can put it in any professional and creative sphere. And you would totally right! Research, investigate and explore. Be aware of the website field, learn fundamental rules of type design and not only develop your practical skills, but also extend your knowledge in theory.

In order to resolve the problem and to find an effective solution, you need to conduct research and accurately identify the problem and then to focus on specific points. If you are creating website for clients you also need to investigate their sphere and to answer these questions: why they are doing it, how they see the world, which values and needs do they have?

2.      Hear your client, not just listen.

The difference between words “hear” and “listen” is thin, but significant. When your client needs a website about women’s motorbikes in special design and only what he gets back is website in black or pink colors - this is a bell for a better hearing client’s whishes. It easy to create website design and to solve problems for client who is close to your interests. But in most cases you will have different points of view in everything and you will need to propose your ideas with careful hearing. Designer will have to immerse in special context of the case. We often say: “Yes, I already know it, everything is clear for me”. But eventually it appears that difference is in details and it can be principal.

3.      Three colors are enough.

Okay, now you will say: “Finally, something is certain”. But we guess that you already have known this tip and we just remind it to you. Stick to it and do not add more (some designers say that even three colors are too much). Do not use pure color, try to achieve the most pleasant tone. Do not use more than 2 accent colors on the page and no more than two dark-gray (or black) colors for the text. Ideally, it is only 1 accent color and 1 dark grey/black for the text. Also try to paint by the accent color only those items which are the most important on the page - buttons, arrows, important items, text links etc.

4.      Right typeface is 50% of success.

It is never too late to reorganize your knowledge about typefaces. The website depends on the content, and that is why your typeface needs a branded style. Every font has its own “character”, so choose it with the accordance to the content. Generally, it can be enough just one typeface on the website. But if you want to get an effective contrast - use typeface pairs: font with serif and font without serif.

5.      More space is never enough.

As says successful American website designer Kristina Zmaic: “Make sure your content has breathing room; give it proper margins will help with legibility and focus”. Don’t overload website with enormous texts. Break it up with larger sub headings and legible paragraphs, use icons and images to make it more readable and scannable. Your website always needs more “fresh air” and its customers will be glad to have some time to relax their eyes and mind.

6.      Choose proper size for photos and be ready to “buy quality”.

Don’t save money for your website (or money of your clients) – spend them! It is time to invest in project and to buy quality photos in a premium stock image service instead of simply using the free images. Did not you know that gorgeous imagery of the website is half a way? It will totally help you to achieve your goals and for your content be effectively presented.


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At last some little tips which would make your website design contemporary and noteworthy:

F pattern design. Most of what people see is in the top and left of the screen, and the right side of the screen is rarely seen.

The visual hierarchy. It tells us that the eyes move top to bottom, left to right.

Mobile version and responsive design. Be sure that you are ready for a mobile version from first steps of your design plan.

Simplify navigation. So even old nice granny can easily get her goals on your website.

And for the farewell speech - observe trends! Designer is a conductor of the development of visual culture, so it is important to be in a modern context. Trendy website is not an end in itself, but try to avoid obsolete solutions. Today the conservatism is useless, and all you need is to bring your creativity, observe new features and follow essential rules in website design.

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