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How to choose the Best SEO Company?

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To choose proper SEO company for your business website it is like to find a good doctor for your health. Conditions and activity of your website directly depend on tactics of SEO company which you hired. The best SEO firm is a key feature of website’s success in search engine ranking, traffic and conversions. We selected for you crucial tips how to choose the Best SEO Company and which characteristics of you need to take into account.

Resume and past performance

SEO company should have experience and case studies on which you can rely as examples of the good work. Don’t hesitate to ask from the firm their resume and to make a deep search how did they succeed previously. Also, it would be better if in the past work they were doing SEO for websites which are related to your business field. If you have already checked company’s portfolio, but you still have some doubts – ask contacts of its previous clients and send a request to them about how did this SEO company made their job, which techniques they used and which results were achieved. I am sure that previous client will you give more extensive answer with all details that you will hear it from SEO firm.


Check the company’s reputation not only on their own website, but also on the Internet. Try to find whole information and reviews about their work, communication, comments and be ready to find bad mentions about it. Don’t trust lists and articles like “10 best SEO companies in the world”. It does not mean that these companies would be really useful for your website and it is trustworthy list. Take your time to recheck whole information and finally to find an appropriate SEO for your website.


The most crucial point of good SEO company is correct and comprehensible data about their strategies, techniques and methods. Make sure that they have sense to your website, that approaches are suitable for you and that they really work. You need to get more detailed information before signing contract with the company. You don’t need to pay fee before explanations and clear description of strategies, because SEO firm will get money for actions, tactics and results, not for information.

What do you want to get?

After you received data about procedures and techniques of specific SEO company you have to compare your needs and which services the firm can provide you. Check what type of links you want to get, how many of them, what do you know about keywords, content and your website’s traffic. Also, check if the company has hourly services or on result SEO and packages services. Good SEO companies have full information on their website about services and prices. If you cannot find this data, probably, you chose doubtful and suspicious company.

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Reporting and transparency

It would be difficult to check company’s ability to send regularly simple and understandable reports, but you can obviously ask about it before signing the contract. Ask the firm to show you examples (without names and specific data) of their reports and feedback. Make sure that you correctly understand information, statistics and data. If not, you need to replenish your knowledge of SEO techniques or ask a consultation from the company. Because of this, you will be able to communicate in the same language and realize for which works you pay money and what exact results you can get. Moreover, be sure that SEO company which you chose has this crucial characteristic – transparency. That they don’t hide from you any details or methods, and you can fully trust them the website and your business.

Clear communication and attention

From the first steps the best SEO company should assure you that they are available to communicate with you and that you will get entire attention. In our article “SEO pricing” we were mentioning that sometimes big SEO firms cannot give you full attention as they have more than 5-10 projects per month. While small SEO companies can fully satisfy you with clear and understandable communication. In SEO work interaction is the main point for getting the best results. Don’t hesitate to request the company for more care and attention – that is their job and you need to be sure that they are doing only as you need.

Fair pricing

The Best SEO Company has reasonable and fair price list with full information of services, their characteristics and results. In out article “SEO pricing” we were clarifying methods how to understand your needs and compare them with SEO prices. High costs do not mean the best achievements of works. But low prices of company’s services should alert you that maybe this company is not look “clean” and probably they use Black hat SEO.

We hope that you will find your Best SEO Company and it will bring you excellent results in search ranking, traffic and conversions. Remember, that if you will choose good and trustworthy doctor for your body, conditions of your health will certainly improve. The same is with SEO company which will make sure that “health” of your website will be the best on the Internet.

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