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6 elements of a successful B2B marketing strategy

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What company would not want to know the exact time their goods or services will be bought? To predict the exact time of the purchase it is impossible. However, there are certain periods of time when each person is open to receiving new information and actively reacts to it. The right message at the right time in the right place is exactly what will enhance your strategy of inbound marketing. A successful strategy in this case should consist of the following 6 elements:

  1. Public relations

A correctly chosen target audience is the key ingredient to the success of your PR campaign. Make sure that the campaign is correctly targeted and covers the audience that is likely to take advantage of your offer. According to statistics, 74% of CEOs and 51% of owners of medium businesses monitor the media related to the industry they work in when they are in search of a supplier.

  1.  Expert reviews

An independent expert’s opinion promotes your product or service. The evaluation made by a professional authority in your field accelerates your sales. So do not forget to mention any positive feedback about your product/service on the website, landing page or in press releases.

  1. Leadership in the field

Over the years of hard work your company and staff have gained invaluable experience and expertise. Your services are much better than these of competing companies. But how do your potential customers know it? You need to convince them that you are aware of the latest trends, provide them with detailed information about products or services, and can show the benefits. It is an indisputable fact that in the modern world content is king. So create training manuals, publish analytical studies, and write articles related to what you do.

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4. The website

Is your website optimized? Easy to load and navigate? Slow-running sites overloaded with graphics have now become obsolete. Users want to find information in two or three clicks. Therefore your website should guide visitors directly to the information they need.

5. Customized landing pages

A landing page personalized for a specific type of user and traffic channel is much more effective than sites that are oversaturated with unnecessary information. Remember about the basics of lead generation: people do not like to fill in long forms. Let them give you only necessary information such as their name, email address, company name and phone number. This will be enough.

6. Contextual advertising and organic search

90% of users when looking for products and services on Google don't look past the first page of search results. If your company name does not appear in the organic search results or pay per click advertising, it harms your promotion efforts. Contextual advertising is a vital element of any Internet marketing strategy. But we should also not forget about regular blog updates and posting on social media.



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